Madrid Pride Parade 2016 - Madrid Orgullo 2016 Manifestacion

Madrid Pride Parade 2016 – Madrid Orgullo Manifestacion

Yesterday, Madrid Pride Parade 2016 – Madrid Orgullo Manifestacion happened – and it never failed to amaze me to the highest level. All the things my friends (who have been ...

Rainbow Hostel Marrakech - A Hostel of Dazzling Colours (Marrakech, Morocco)

Review – Rainbow Hostel Marrakech

Rainbow Hostel Marrakech is filled with bold colours from the floor to the wall and to the ceiling. The sofas, tables, linens and bathroom tiles are splattered with mixed, interesting ...

The Tree of Life in Bahrain- A Miracle in the Desert

The Tree of Life in Bahrain – A Miracle in the Desert

Just 45 minutes drive outside Manama, the Tree of Life in Bahrain survives miraculously in the middle of a desert where gas pumps are working everywhere. This mesquite tree stands ...


Things to do in Havana

35 Things to do in Havana

These are the 35 things to do in Havana, Cuba. From riding ...
The Amazing Petra in Jordan

The Amazing Petra in Jordan

YOU HAVE TO SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT! Petra in Jordan is ...
Things to do in Brunei SOAS Mosque

Things to do in Brunei – A Country of No Fun?

(I asked an Aussie friend, Jonathan, to be a guest blogger and ...

Chichen Itza Pyramid in Mexico

Chichen Itza was once the center of the Mayan universe. It’s an ...

Cambodia: Grand Royal Palace in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is Cambodia’s capital city—and it is a city of contrasts. ...

11 Things To Do In Beijing

(A friend of mine and his family are going for a one-week ...

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Madrid Sunset from Circulo de Bellas Artes.

Madrid Sunset from Circulo de Bellas Artes

There’s only one place where you can see Madrid sunset while overlooking the city’s golden panorama – at Cirulo de Bellas Artes. From the top, you can almost touch the winged angel standing on top of a dome. There’s also a resto-bar on the rooftop, so it would be a perfect place to go on […]

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Things to see and do in Salamanca (Spain)

Video – Things to See and Do in Salamanca

I went to Salamanca last weekend – and it’s a charming little city full of legends and history. A short visit wasn’t really enough to explore the whole city but I managed to walk around its cobbled stones and quiet streets on my own while the rest of the tourists were huddled at Plaza Mayor and […]

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Ait Benhaddou - Morocco's Most Famous Movie Location.

Ait Benhaddou – Morocco’s Most Famous Movie Location

There’s no doubt that Ait Benhaddou is Morocco’s most famous movie location. This is a kasbah – a dwelling characterized with high walls and are connected to one another. The alleys are small and towering mud bricks are elaborately decorated. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its great example of true Southern Moroccan architecture. START […]

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Don Quixote Tapestry at Palacio Real

Don Quixote Tapestry at Palacio Real

The Don Quixote tapestry at Palacio Real (Royal Palace) is pretty impressive. These series of tapestries were commissioned by King Philip V. I think there were around 15 huge tapestries that were hanged on the halls of the eastern side of the palace. Each tapestry depicts a scene from Spain’s beloved story of Don Quixote […]

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Carrera de Tacones 2016 Madrid Orgullo (MADO)

MADO 2016 – Carrera de Tacones

Carrera de Tacones 2016 or Heels Race is an annual tradition on Pelayo Street as part of the festivities for Madrid Orgullo (MADO). Literally, it’s a race that men on high heels compete for 600 Euros grand prize. It’s fun to watch these “ladies” run like they’re going to break a world record and unseat […]

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Pride Critic Parade 2016 Madrid Orgullo

Pride Critic Madrid 2016 Orgullo

Yesterday, while a friend and I were on our way to find the oldest churro restaurant in Madrid, we stopped by Plaza del Sol to camwhore around. Then, we heard loud noises of drums – and we thought they were just buskers performing on the street. When the noise got louder accompanied with a protest […]

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The Sights, Sounds and Tastes of Jemaa el-Fna (Marrakech, Morocco).

The Sights, Sounds and Tastes of Jemaa el-Fna

When in Marrakech, the first thing you should do is experience the sights, sounds and tastes of Jemaa el-fna. It is a huge public and market square in the centre of the old medina and at first glance there’s really nothing much to see but people. But, wait until it gets dark (at least during […]

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The Snake Charmers at Place de Jemaa El-Efna (Marrakesh, Morocco).

The Snake Charmers of Marrakesh

You can spot the snake charmers of Marrakesh at Place de Jemaa El-Efna. There are many of them there, enchanting tourists to take a look at what their poisonous snakes can do. Be discreet in taking photos if you don’t want to give them a tip. Once they see your camera taking aim at them, […]

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