Athleb Mountains at Madain Saleh in Saudi Arabia.

Athleb Mountain – The Skyscrapers of Madain Saleh

Just outside the barbed wire fence of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Madain Saleh in Saudi Arabia, is the towering Athleb Mountain. They’re breathtakingly gorgeous wonder that withstood the burning ...

Sunset at the Red Sea (Saudi Arabia).

Sunset at the Red Sea

You all know I’m a sucker for sunrises and sunsets. Moving here in Saudi Arabia, I’ve got to see the setting sun everyday, without a fail. And the best thing ...

New York Skyline from One World Tower Observatory Deck.

20 Photos: New York Skyline from One World Tower Observatory

You know how I love heights, skylines and cityscapes from above. In every cities I’ve been to, I always make sure that going up there is one of the things ...


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The Amazing Petra in Jordan

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Chichen Itza Pyramid in Mexico

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Qasr Al Saneh at Madain Saleh is an ancient Nabatean architectural marvel.

Qasr Al Saneh – A Nabatean Architectural Wonder

When visiting Madain Saleh (in Saudi Arabia’s Tabuk Province), Qasr Al Saneh would be a good place to start to learn about the Nabatean architecture which are richly obvious in the carved tombs you’ll see everywhere around the area. If you’ve been to Petra in Jordan, the architectural wonder you’ll find in Madain Saleh isn’t that […]

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Qasr Al Bint has the largest tomb facade at Madain Saleh (Saudi Arabia).

Qasr Al Bint – Palace of the Daughter or Maiden

The Qasr Al Bint is a group of tombs dedicated to the women of ancient times. It is translated as the “Palace of the Daughter or Maiden.” It has, too, the largest tomb facade in the entire Madain Saleh, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One interesting tomb here is the one occupied and built by two sisters. It […]

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Madakhil Camp at Madain Saleh is just a few kilometres away outside Al Ula.

Madakhil Campsite at Madain Saleh is Far from the Madding Crowd

Two weekends ago, together with some colleagues from work, we went on a campaign trip to Madain Saleh. We stayed at the fabulous Madakhil Campsite where it’s away from the madding crowd but very close of the natural, grand formations of sandstones and rocks that soar up the sky. These boulders look like sleeping giants […]

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Oh Camels! (Saudi Arabia) Madian Saleh

Oh Camels!

Ok, this is going to be one of those boring blog posts but then, you know, when you’re traveling on a car in Saudi Arabia, you can only see two things: a long stretch of barren desert and a caravan of camels. Last weekend, while traveling to Madian Saleh, we passed by a young herder […]

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Mandi Dish / Food in Saudi Arabia.

The Glorious Taste of Mandi Dish

The first time I had mandi dish was in Jordan, back in December 2014. I was impressed–not only because it had a heavenly taste but also the way it was cooked, few feet underground, covered in desert sand or clay. When our group was called to gather around a fire pit, we had no inkling […]

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So Many Cactuses at the Desert Botanical Garden in in Phoenix, Arizona.

So Many Cactuses at Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix

I have never seen so many cactuses in my life—until I visited the lovely Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona. Boy, strolling and spending three hours around the garden wasn’t enough. There are so many kinds of cactus to see, of different shapes, variety, colours and spines! I didn’t even know that some cactuses can […]

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This family car is turned into a cargo car / transport.

Cargo Car – Saudi Style

We went to Al Wash last week and we overtook these transports used as cargo cars to move home furnitures and appliances. We reckon these people are moving to another city. Saudi highways are one of the best infrastructures in the world. It’s wide and only few cars come and go. And since there are […]

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Trash Can in Saudi Arabia.

Only in Saudi Arabia – Trash Bin on the Pole

It’s been a month since I landed in Saudi Arabia. And boy, I’ve got so many things to say but this is not a country to say everything you’d want to say, right? So, I’ll just keep my mouth shut. 😀 I haven’t been anywhere yet. And by anywhere, I mean travelling in this country […]

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