Tate Modern London - Boring Outside But Fabulous Inside

Tate Modern London – Boring Outside But Fabulous Inside

Tate Modern London is your place to go if you wanna see contemporary art. I must admit that the building’s facade itself is not of a contemporary design but a ...

London's BigBen at Night Shines Bright (England).

Photos: London’s Big Ben at Night Shines Bright

We all have seen the Big Ben immortalized in Hollywood movies. Or in postcards and other souvenirs. In fact, Big Ben is synonymous to London or England or the UK. ...

Plaza de España at Night Literally Takes My Breath Away (Sevilla, Spain).

Plaza de España at Night Literally Takes My Breath Away

Plaza de España at night is enchanting. If this Renaissance-Moorish architecture impresses you during the day, you’ve got to see it at night. It turns into a magical place where ...


Catedral de Sevilla (Seville Cathedral) is also known as "The Cathedral of St. Mary of the See." (Spain)

Inside Catedral de Sevilla – The World’s Largest Gothic Cathedral

Catedral de Sevilla boggles the mind. Not only it’s incredibly huge but ...
Marrakech Medina is an Assault to the Senses (Morocco).

Marrakech Medina is an Assault to the Senses

Marrakech medina is an assault to the senses. The souk is a ...
Sunrise at Mt Sinai, Egypt.

Photos: Sunrise at Mt Sinai

To experience watching the sunrise at Mt Sinai is one of those moments ...
How To Explore The Pyramids of Egypt On Foot.

How To Explore The Pyramids of Egypt On Foot

Though Egypt’s tourism has experienced a big slump in the past years, ...
View from the Top of Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building.

View from the Top of Burj Khalifa

The view from the top of Burj Khalifa in Dubai shows the ...
Things to do in Havana

35 Things to do in Havana

These are the 35 things to do in Havana, Cuba. From riding ...

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vBarcelona from the top of Sagrada Familia (Spain).

Barcelona from the top of Sagrada Familia

Yes, you can go to the top of Sagrada Familia by elevator. However, the lift doesn’t really bring you to the topmost floor. You’ll have to climb some steps to go to the uppermost part. The elevator is too small and the steps are too narrow. That’s why, you can’t go up there anytime you […]

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Here are 10 Interesting Facts I Learned About Sagrada Familia (Barcelona, Spain).

10 Interesting Facts About Sagrada Familia

There’s no doubt that Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is Antoni Gaudi’s most ambitious and most celebrated work that’s waiting to be completed. Though the artist had died long time ago, his vision of the church lives on. Construction is still going on but it’s getting to the finish line. After 134 years of construction, the […]

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Antonio Gaudi designed the Church which started construction in 1882!

There’s a Rainbow Tunnel Inside the Sagrada Familia

These photos are proofs that there’s a rainbow inside the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. The brightness that glistens from the stained windows form like a tunnel of hues that leads to the hereafter. Though Sagrada Familia is so grand in size and style but it was originally built as a church then changed to be a […]

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Inside the Convent of St Theresa of Avila (Spain).

Inside the Convent of St Theresa of Avila

Tourists and visitors don’t just go to Avila to see the famed Murallas or Walls that surround the city.  There’s another reason – to visit the Convent of St Theresa of Avila. Thousands of Catholic pilgrims pass by this convent to honor the Saint known for her spiritual contemplation and mysticism. She’s a Carmelite nun […]

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Inside Cathedral de Avila (Avila Cathedral) is the First Gothic Cathedral in Spain.

Inside Avila Cathedral – The First Gothic Cathedral in Spain

Catedral de Avila or Avila Cathedral is the first Gothic cathedral in Spain. Going inside was the first thing I did when I arrived in this city known for its ancient fortress. Instead of joining a tour, I opted to do it alone because, as you can guess, I abhor to be rushed. And besides, a […]

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Murallas de Avila - Spain's Most Preserved City Walls (Spain).

Murallas de Avila – Spain’s Most Preserved City Walls

There’s no doubt that Murallas de Avila are Spain’s most preserved city walls. The imposing ramparts are so high that you feel so tiny standing in front of them. They’re solid strong and can still defend the city inside, in case of conflict. The walls are built in Romanesque style between 1090-1099 to defend Avila from […]

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Avila is the essence of ancient Spain.

Sunset in Avila – Spain’s Medieval City

If you have the chance to watch the sunset in Avila (Spain), make sure to be on top of a hill to enjoy the view from up there. You can’t miss the hill with a ruined shed as you enter the town wall. There’s even a fat chance that you see tourists taking thousands of selfies on […]

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New York City Photo Chrysler Building

New York City Travel Guide

This post is originally from IHG’s Guide to New York City. New York City is the most popular destination in the world, and for good reason. With first-class entertainment options, world-famous landmarks, buzzing street activity and nightlife, it is an epicenter of culture, diversity and excitement. Your choices are seemingly endless when it comes to […]

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