Burj Al-Arab Dubai.

Burj Al Arab Dubai is Not a Seven-Star Hotel

Burj Al Arab Dubai is not a certified seven-star hotel in the world. You read the title right. No one ever rated it as such. In fact, its website doesn’t ...

Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The Incomparable Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Whiter than snow, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi is an incomparable architectural place of worship. It’s not just massive but it is detailed in every way, every corner, every ...

Al Fareed at Madain Saleh, Saudi Arabia.

Al Farid – Alone But Beautiful

The Al Farid / Al Fareed is a monolith away from the other rocks at Madain Saleh, the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in Saudi Arabia. How it ended up ...


Things to do in Havana

35 Things to do in Havana

These are the 35 things to do in Havana, Cuba. From riding ...
The Amazing Petra in Jordan

The Amazing Petra in Jordan

YOU HAVE TO SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT! Petra in Jordan is ...
Things to do in Brunei SOAS Mosque

Things to do in Brunei – A Country of No Fun?

(I asked an Aussie friend, Jonathan, to be a guest blogger and ...

Chichen Itza Pyramid in Mexico

Chichen Itza was once the center of the Mayan universe. It’s an ...

Cambodia: Grand Royal Palace in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is Cambodia’s capital city—and it is a city of contrasts. ...

11 Things To Do In Beijing

(A friend of mine and his family are going for a one-week ...

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Dubai Under Construction - A City Built for Record-breaking Superlatives.

Dubai Under Construction

So much has been said about Dubai, a city of superlatives—best, first, largest, highest and tallest. It’s a city of rising skyscrapers and by the look of it, there’s no limit. They have the tallest building in the world, the highest residential tower in the world, the largest mall in the world, etc…  The city […]

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Souk Madinat in Dubai is designed like a little Arabian town.

Souk Madinat in Dubai – A Little Arabian Town

Souk Madinat in Dubai is a built like a little Arabian town, a clean version of a town. Don’t be intimidated by it’s grand entrance, fort-like walls and detailed arches. They’re designed to make you feel that you’re in a different realm in the Middle East. And once you step inside, you’ll forget the world […]

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My Camel Visitors.

My Camel Visitors

I woke up at 12:20 PM today and these desert creatures came to pass by our apartment. Camels are usually seen far from where we are but I guess, this morning is an exemption. They hanged out below us for ten minutes and moved on to the Red Sea. This is one of the things […]

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vFormula Rossa is the world's fastest rollercoaster at Ferrari World, Yas sland, Abu Dhabi.

Things to do at Ferrari World

Ferrari World is awesome when you’re with someone or group of friends. My brother had to eke out a living—so I was left alone to do all those crazy, heart-stopping rides. However, he got me a 50% discount because he knew some people working there. But, even if it was half the price, I spent […]

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Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The Heritage Village that Doesn’t Have Much Heritage

The Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi is something you might expect that has a lot of heritage for you to be acquainted much about the United Arab Emirates. It failed to impress me. However, I’m not that wholly disappointed at all. The beachside where people go to see the city’s panoramic skyline saved me from […]

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My Own Walking Tour in Abu Dhabi.

My Own Walking Tour in Abu Dhabi

I had my own walking tour in Abu Dhabi. I figured it out using Google Map. My Lonely Planet Guidebook didn’t even have one—which I understand because Abu Dhabi is not a walkable destination. You’ve got to have a car to go places of interests. While they have public bus transport, good luck seeing all the […]

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Froclicking in Al Desert, UAE.

Frolicking in Al Ain Desert

Al Ain Desert was the first desert I set foot in United Arab Emirates. On the first weekend I arrived in Abu Dhabi, my brother drove us to Al Ain for a desert fun, aka, Wadi Adventure. After we checked in at Resort One to One, my brother’s friends whisked us the picnic / barbecue […]

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The Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi

The Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi is where you should stay—if you have the cash to burn. This hotel spells luxury and opulence of the Emirati world. “Everywhere around”, as my brother said, “is pure magnificent!” For now, I can’t afford. But, if they’ll give me 60% discount (of their cheapest room) the next time I’ll be […]

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