World Cup 2010 in Toronto

Toronto may not be a football / soccer country but this city was crazy yesterday during the FIFA World Cup 2010, which, as we all know, was won by Spain—for the first time in their country’s football history. It’s time they should get one. But, I hope it’s NOT gonna be the only one.

It was a tempestuous fight between Netherlands and Spain. It’s the first football game ever I’ve seen from start to finish. Spain didn’t get the 2010 World Cup title the easy way. Netherlands gave them a hard and looooong fight that they both extended time.

I am not a football nor a basketball nor a hockey fan. But, I am into watching the finals. Even American Idol and Britain Got Talent on TV, I only like to watch the grand finale. :))

Let’s play pictionary now, shall we?

 Spain vs Netherlands or Adult vs Child?Getting ready for the game. People sat on the lawn in a searing afternoon heat. I envy this kid. He got the best seat ever.A Dutch fan is just chillin’.

Sea of people outside the CBC Building in Toronto. They watched the game like it’s the only religion that matters today.

Everybody waited with bated breath which team’s gonna goal first.

 She would do everything for Spain to win!

Hot accessories.

Taking a break from the suspenseful game.

What? Spain missed it again!

Spain finally made a goooooaaallllll!!!!! Woooooo!!!

…and the euphoria continues…… It was a wild celebration!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the 2010 FIFA World Cup Grand Winner goes to…. SPAIN!!!!!!!!!

Lookah, lookah, lookah! Can you spot me? LOL…

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  1. Danica
    July 12, 2010 at 11:12 AM #

    Nice pics Ateh!
    Miss yah.

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