Wiggin’ the World

One crazy thing I’m doing in couchsurfing is getting my coucsurfers wear the rainbow wig!

But, it doesn’t mean turning heteros into homos. LOL….

It’s just an up front in my couchsurfing profile to shun the homophobes away from my couch.

I make it clear in my profile that I am both yin and yang—fabulously wrapped (not trapped) into one wondrous body.

I don’t wanna scare people when they meet me, so, a brutally honest introduction is, for me, a good way to stay out of trouble.

So far, my CS experience is awesome and got nothing to say bad about my couchsurfers. They were all great and fun to be hosted.

 The couch with stories to tell…

I felt bad to those I have declined requests due to unavailability of the couch.

But, still, on their request, I met some of them—so they could wear the wig that made me infamous for in the community.

A hundred percent of those who requested for a couch expressed willingness and excitement to wear the wig! Some of them even pointed out that I should host them or meet them because their country is not yet represented. And that floored me. 😉

One couchsurfer accused me of being pro-American because at the current tally, Americans are the gold medalists. Man, they are everywhere!!!

The Rainbow Wig…

The colors represent the diversity of the couchsurfers, surfing from one couch to another. They maybe from all walks of life, races, religions and cultures, but the bottom line is: the world looks so huge—but when someone offers a couch to a weary traveller, this world looks so small.

The Rainbow Wig has gone a long journey already. It has been on the heads of 163 individuals whose tolerance to my fabuloussssshhhhhness is beyond words.

I’m glad I shared laughs to random people who knocked my door or said hello, and joined me in endless nights of debaucheries in this city. From the kinky streets of Sanlitun to numerous raves and drinking sessions, conversations and trips, life in Beijing is fuckintastic! 

If The Wig could speak for itself, it shall be thankful to those who proudly wore it and posed like how they want ME to remember them. 

I declare them all — ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!

Argentina – 1 (Leo)

Australia – 7 (Emma, Jared, Jenny, Nancy, Philip, Sam, Zac)

Austria – 2 (Theresa, Rene)

Belgium – 1 (Stefan)

Brazil – 1 (Adriano)

Cambodia – 1 (Street Child)

Canada – 17 (Andrei, Ann, Carolyn, Catherine, Davis, Ed, Eric, Jeff, Keven, Kwan, Laura, Mark, Miriam, Ryan, Ruth, Simon, Tori)

China – 16 (Ai, Annie, Beatrice, Carrie, Chris, Feng, Jeanie, Cui Xiao, Jenny, Mao, Nick, Waitress,

Icy, Seb, Su, Tibby)

Colombia – 1 (Catalina)

Costa Rica – 1 (Vanessa, Oscar)

Croatia – 1 (Igor)

Denmark – 1 (Lene)

Dominican Republic – 1 (Angel)

Ecuador – 1 (Gabrielle)

England – 9 (Chris, Fleur, Joe, Pete, Peter, Petras, Niall, Nick, Sara)

Finland – 1 (Paula)

France – 19 (Baptiste, Bettina, Caroline,
Claire, Cp, Florent, Flora, Florian, Francois, Hamza, Ines, Julien
Leyre, Julien Leroy, Laurent, Leon, Lise, Lucas, Manon, Manu, Manuel,

Germany – 19 ( Alex, Aline, Berti,
Christopher, Christian, Ingo, Jan, Jens, Lee, Linda, Magdalena, Maxima,
Martin, Michael, Mirko, Oliver, Olli, Sarah, Stefan)

India – 4 (Deepesh, Guru, Mady Tomi)

Greece – 1 (Vaios)

Hungary – 1 (Andras)

Indonesia – 1 (Ricky)

Iran – 1 (Amir)

Ireland – 1 (Donagh)

Israel – 2 (Gil, Noam)

Italy – 4 (Alessandro, Davide, Marco, Raffy)

Japan – 7 (Akiko, Junko, Kas, Maki, Mino, Mochan, Yuko)

Kazakstan – 1 (Aizhan)

Malaysia – 2 (Jon, Maggie)

Mexico – 2 (Salvador, Jorge)

Morocco – 1 (Kawtar)

Netherlands – 4 (Soiren, Vincent, Marielle, Rudolph)

New Zealand – 2 (Jo, Helen)

*Nicaragua – 1 (Mai)

Norway – 1 (Liv)

Peru – 1 (Veronica)

Philippines – 5 (Bryanboy, Kaye, Rikki, Jonel, Ronald)

Portugal – 2 (Alex, Rui)

Poland – 1 (Oskar)

Romania – 3 (Beatrice, Radu, Suzy)

Russia – 1 (Slava)

Serbia – 1 (Philip)

Singapore – 1 (Adele)

South Korea – 2 (Hyuk Ju, Sang Yoon))

Spain – 10 (Alberto, Aurora, Beatriz, Dani, David, Eva, Irene, Jose, Sergio, Visitacion)

Sweden – 6 (Anna, Ida, Daniel, Fredrick, Julius, Marcus)

Sri Lanka – 1 (Nadeeja)

Switzerland – 3 (Christian, Geni, Evelynne)

Thailand – 2 (Mimi, Som)

Tunisia – 1 (Abdelaziz)

UK – 1 (Gordon)

U.S.A – 32 (Akua, Andy, Angelique, Barry,
Brad, Brandon, Brie, Chishan, Doug, Elicia, Iris, Jake, Jeff, Joanne,
John, Jordan, Lizzy, Mark V., Mark, Maggie, Mark T., Matthew, Matt,
Mike, Nina, Paul, Phillip, Rebekah, Rc Rox, Sriram, Samantha, William,

Venezuela – 1 (Misha)

Vietnam – 1 (My)


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