Last weekend, a friend asked me to do her pre-wedding photos. Though I was hesistant to say yes (even if Im cam whore myself) because I dont really have awesome photography gadgets, I happily obliged. Im not that really confident of my photographic skills. Im more of a point and shoot guy.

We went to this park called Guildwood Parkway in Scarborough area. The area is well-maintained, green and blooming with flowers. There are Greek doric and corinthian columns and sculptures that would serve as wonderful backdrops–as though you were somewhere in Europe. Its an amazing place for wedding photos and other photo shoots.

The park itself is along the Scarborough escarpment, overlooking Lake Ontario.

TheĀ  weather was nice and the sun came up just fine, a wonderful prop as a natural light. For a perfectionist, like me, I just like (not really, really, really love) the results. I know that if I had better lenses, I could do better. This is my first ever work—as a trying hard professional photographer!

Mind you, this might open up to new opportunities for me.

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