Washington DC: Capitol Hill

The Capitol Hill is a good place to begin your tour at National Mall. Due to its enormous size, the National Mall is best explored by bike than walking from one spot to another. It’s overwhelming to see all of them in one day–unless, of course if you are staying for a night or two. So, rent a bike from the nearby Union Station via Don’t forget to ask for a map.

Capitol Hill is famous as a place where laws are made and debated. There’s a free tour but you really have to queue up early in the morning since tickets are limited in a day. Good luck getting one. 🙂

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Capitol Hill in Washington DC

Capitol Hill in Washington DC during sunset.

It’s best to visit this part of the Capitol in the afternoon to get the most photogenic shots. Wait until sunset and the whole building turns gold–as if touched by King Midas.

Capitol Hill in Washington DC

Can you see the rainbow behind the Capitol Hill dome?

The rainbow shines after the rain at the Capitol’s dome. It was amazing.

The East side of the Capitol.

The dome at night.

The Capitol’s reflection on the Reflecting Pool at night.

The Capitol’s reflection on the Reflecting Pool during the day.

Another side of the Capitol building.

Where to stay in Washington DC:
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1110 6th St. NW, Washington, DC.


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