I’ve been blogging all sorts of stuff since 2009 but I’m kind of new to travel blogging as a niche. Only this year that I resolved to take a huge giant leap in changing the whole face of this blog—after reading other travel bloggers‘ stories of how they use their blog as a medium to connect with their readers, that ultimately lead them to create a solid fan base of their own. So, here’s my attempt that one day, I’d be able to accomplish half of what they had done by becoming a full-time travel blogger. Yes, there is such thing.

Let’s face it, traveling can be cheap, but still, it needs money to sustain your thirst to wander around. Before and when we travel, there are a couple of things we have to consider, be it for our convenience, safety and peace of mind.


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To monetize this blog, I decided to join affiliates. I was told and I am aware that this isn’t really an assurance to make money but it helps foot the bill for the maintenance of this blog should you choose to click the links and buy / order from the recommended site. I’ll get a wee commission of what you paid for.

Allianz Travel Insurance
ALLIANZ TRAVEL INSURANCE. Travelling involves a lot of things and your safety should be your primary concern. It’s always good to be prepared for emergency. Just in case.
BLURB BLURB  – Gone are the days when you have to print your photos and put them in an album. Blurb helps you organize your travel photos into an album with so many lay-out choices. Cheap, easy-to-use and awesome print book quality.

CITY PASS – If you happen to be in one of cosmopolitan North American cities (New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Toronto, Atlanta, etc..), buying a City Pass will help you save more money– 40-50% off to see the local sights. I love this deal. If you’re going to London (England), buy your City Pass here. Also, City Pass for Paris (France) is here.

Logo 120x60 CheapOair
CHEAP O AIR – This cheap alternative for purchasing online fares is a hit among backpackers and budget travellers.

EXPEDIA – Every traveller who books online knows Expedia. They’ve got plenty of cheap travel deals everyday! From rental cars to hotels to cruises–they have it all taken cared of! Booking has never been easy!

GROUPON – If the city you are visiting has a Groupon, check out their local deals. You’ll save a lot from food to local excursions/trips/tours.
Lonely Planet GUIDE BOOKS – Buying a guidebook or a digital is an investment to make your trip easier. It saves you time researching online every places you want to visit in a city. Guidebook information (like Lonely Planet) warns you about scams and helps you discover little-known places most tourists don’t go. Search your specific country guidebook HERE.

HOSTELWORLD – As a backpacker / budget traveller, staying in a hostel, if I’m not couchsurfing, saves me tons of money and it’s a good way to meet fellow travellers. Who needs the luxury of a hotel when you can only use its amenities in a short time—and only at night when  what you really need is just a bed and a shower after a long day of walking?
250 FREE Business Cards. Customize and Order online in minutes! VISTAPRINT is everything you want to be printed. The best travel photos I have which I blew it up into posters are from VistaPrint. They offer a variety of products from business cards to mugs to pins to postcards and posters. They have a lot of FREE promotions (excluding shipping) every month once you ordered a product from them. It’s cheap and quality guaranteed.


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