Travel Photography: Phuket Sunset

Lovers of sunset, I say, are incurable romantics. My Singaporean friend, Adele, is no exemption. Like me, until now, she’s still looking for her “knight in the shining armour.”

This is what she says about the golden photograph below:

“This picture was taken at Karon Beach, Phuket, Thailand. I didn’t have a fancy camera so I’m glad it worked out well! And the picture is the largest file I could find… I have this picture as my desktop photo but now that it’s been soooo looonnngg, somehow I don’t notice my desktopphoto anymore. But upon sending you this email, I stopped for a moment and take a good long look at it again. It really was beautiful. I can’t believe I was able to capture this shot. I remember I was walking alone in Phuket and being pestered by a thousand tuktuk drivers before finding Karon beach. It was a lonely holiday but it was great to be with myself. And the banana pancakes are to DIE FOR there. I quickly devoured mine (I think it was the third or fourth one I had that day) so I could free my hands to capture the sunset.

Many think of Phuket as a sleazy place. Well. It is, but it also has a great sunset. And I was there alone, so it was just me……. and the sunset. :)”


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