Guest Photographer: The Travel Addict

Ann is a travel addict. She has been to 26 countries and counting. And she has amazing stories to tell in each country. These are two of her breathtaking travel photos from her trips. Another batch will be uploaded tomorrow.

She’s currently in Korea, saving up for her next destination. And she dabbles in poetry, too.


A river cruise at sunset is essential to see the animals get their last sip of the murky river water before settling in for the night. As the sun sets, the river begins to glimmer. The view is breathtaking.

Buddhas birthday is celebrated in May yearly. At this time lanterns are placed all over the country. The Cheongyecheon stream runs through the cosmopolitan capital and its stunning to see the colorful handmade lanterns reflect beneath the city lights.

This is the lookout point over the Great Ocean Road which hugs the southern coast of Australia. The trek up to the lookout is easy, just drive your car!

The hill country of Sri Lanka, popular for tea estates. The landscape is lush and filled with mist. The climate is cool and refreshing, a favourite destination for locals and tourists.

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