Toronto’s Harbourfront

To those who have known me as a funny, happy and bubbly person, not all of them know that I am an incurable romantic. Really. Not joking. No, not I used to be….but I still am. 😉

I have a scented candle in my room to help imagine that I am in some kind of a romantic place. Being alone in your room doesnt mean you cant be romantic. Of course, you can. But then, you know…. theres someone missing in the picture.

I went to Torontos Harbourfront last weekend and I was surprised on how many lovebirds were acting like theyre the only ones in the area. Its a beautiful sight to see these people hugging, smooching, teasing, holding hands, etc… oblivious to everyone. There was even one guy who just just sitting with his dog and both of them seemed to be looking and admiring at the shy moon.

Yeah, it made me wish I were the dog. Hahahahaha…


Day and night, Harbourfront comes alive with musicians, food lovers, strollers, joggers, dogwalkers, tourists, lovers, photographers, romantics, lunatics, children and some homeless adults. There are hosts of festivals, too, that are fun-filled celebrations! Its a good place to spend summer outdoor under some tree shades or even just lay down there in mid afternoon sun and get your tan.

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2 Responses to “Toronto’s Harbourfront”

  1. Chris Stevenson
    July 25, 2010 at 12:44 AM #

    I used to live in one of the condos that overlook the harbourfront center – it is indeed a lovely spot. If you go back in winter they have a skating rink on the pond 🙂

  2. alainsojourner
    July 25, 2010 at 9:05 PM #

    Chris…. whaaaattttt? U got the best place in the city then!

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