Toronto Pillowfight 2012 (Bunny Edition)

Toronto Pillowfight 2012
Bunny Edition
Yonge-Dundas Square

Every year, some cities around the world indulge in a fight that’s less fatal but more fun: pillowfight. No, it’s not Hunger Games style. This is just kind of poking someone hard in the head or butt or any part of his body for the hell of it. Pillows are harmless, unless, of course, if you are a giant and sleep on a rock bed with the Stonehenge as your pillows. Hehehehe…

These teenagers warmed-up by running back and forth few minutes before the fights started.

He’s armed and armored for the fight! LOL…

You see, superheroes, too, want to have fun. Pillowfight is a good break for them from the stressful whatever heroic acts they do.

This child would never forget this experience. Beginning tonight, going to bed would never be the same again.

And so the adage is true: The bunnies that fight together, stays together. 🙂


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