TIFF 2012: Bradley Cooper

Toronto International Film Festivals (TIFF) 2012

Bradley Cooper. Oh, Bradley Cooper!

Hes Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor and People Magazines Man of the Year. When he appeared on the red carpet, there was total chaos, pandemonium to the highest level. The girls/ladies/women went berserk and MY knees were weak. I was star-strucked and he was a dashing god in front of me. Delicious is not enough word to describe him. 🙂

He was the darling of the crowd. Right after the mandatory press pose, he socialized with his fans for 20 minutes. He was a gracious gentleman who signed autographs, talked to his fans and took endless photo ops with the squealing bitches who were so ready to do everything to OWN him. The security guards tried to calm the fans but hell, nobody listened–so they just called more volunteers to support the iron fence from falling.

Another 20 minutes later, after he was interviewed by TV networks, he went out again despite the rain. A guard borrowed an umbrella from the crowd and when he emerged from the tent with Bradley, who was all smiles, the crowd was, again, uncontrollable. Everybody forgot the pouring rain. LOL…

Bradley Cooper stars in the film, SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK, together with Jennifer Lawrence who everybody called Catniss (her name from Hunger Games). She appeared briefly that made the teens upset. Robert Di Nero also showed up quickly on the red carpet. He was a mess and a total fashion disaster.

The movie is about a former high-school teacher who returns to his family home after eight months in a mental institution and begins to slowly rebuild his life.

TIFF 2012: Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper TIFF Silver Linings Playbook a

Bradley Cooper TIFF Silver Linings Playbook b

Bradley Cooper TIFF Silver Linings Playbook c

Bradley Cooper TIFF Silver Linings Playbook d

Bradley Cooper TIFF Silver Linings Playbook e


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