TIFF 2011: Terence Howard – WINNIE

My favorite hustla, Terence Howard (Remember him from the 2005 movie HUSTLE & FLOW-where he was nominated as Best Actor?), is in town for the premiere of his movie, WINNIE, with Jennifer Hudson in the title role. The movie is based on the life of Nelson Mandelas wife, Winnie Mandela. The film is an officila entry to TIFF.

Terence was a dashing gentleman last night. He walked and greeted all the fans from one en of the fence to the other. He made sure that hes visible to everyone present.

When he passed by right in front of me, I pinched him while he was busy signing photographs.

Yo, he was smiling the whole time and said goodbye and thank you (not the usual goobye wave) to everyone outside who was waiting in cold temperature before he walked the red carpet for the media.

He ignored the constant prodding (many times) from a TIFF volunteer that he should be on the red carpet for lack of time.


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