TIFF 2011: Keira Knightly and Viggo Mortensen – A DANGEROUS METHOD

I was in a good spot when KEIRA KNIGHTLY and VIGGO MORTENSEN walked the red carpet last Saturday for the premiere of their movie, A DANGEROUS METHOD.

Keira Knighly was sporting her new haircut and shes fabulous as ever. She didnt really mingle with fans for a long time (for 10 minutes) to the dismay of those who were standing at the far end.

Viggo Mortensen came ahead of Keira, so he was able to hangout with his fans a little bit more than her.

Had these two stars came early, they could have spent MORE time with the screaming fans who were there since early afternoon. The premiere started at 6:30 PM and they came at 6:05.

One more thing: The bodyguards are super, super annoying. People cant get a good glimpse and take a good photo because theyre so close to the stars. Hello, cupcakes, back off!

David Cronenberg, the Director


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