TIFF 2011: Bono and Edge of U2

Bono and Edge of U2 were mobbed by screaming fans at the Opening Night of the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival (2011). Their documentary, From The Sky Down, is this years opening film. The said docu follows the band U2 through the making of their album, Achtung Baby.

The fans were unstoppable. At one point I screamed at this bitch before me to put down her iPad because she was blocking my view from the elevated flower garden. Obviously, she wasnt listening. The rest of the crowd were super crazy—freaking crazy! I was pushed back and forth and in every direction. Everytime I took photos, theyre blurred and unrecognizable.

So, I STOPPED taking photos.

When Bono was right there in front of me, I TOTALLY forgot about my camera. I was starstrucked. I enjoyed the moment.

Bono and Edge were so gracious in signing posters, notebooks, album covers, etc… to their crazy, wild fans. They made sure that almost everyone got a glimpse of them from one end to the other end of the fence.

It was soooo surreal to see them in flesh. And it was FREE. 🙂

TIFF 2011 runs from September 8-18.




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