TIFF 2011: Bill Nighy and David Hare – Page Eight

Bill Nighy is aging gracefully, I should say. He arrived with his two feet on the ground by being so accomodating to the people waiting at the TIFF premiere of his film, PAGE EIGHT. He was so cool and patient in signing autographs and taking photos with the stargazers. He came earlier so he had so much time to chit chat with his fans before he walked the red carpet.

He really took time to chat, sign and even joke with the movie fans. When someone would shout for him to pose, he would stop what signing and pose.

Here, Bill Nighy grabbed someones camera, hold it and told the people at his back to pose with him. Other stars in the movie are: Rachel Weiz, Ralph Fiennes and Michael Gambon (aka Dumbledore). They were a no-show at the premiere.

David Hare is the director of the film, PAGE EIGHT.He is best known as a theater / play director than a movie director. He is the award-winning author of twenty-seven plays and numerous screenplays, including those for The Reader and The Hours. He has directed the films Wetherby, Paris by Night, Strapless, The Designated Mourner and Page Eight.


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