Things to do in Bohol for a Day

There are many things to do in Bohol for a day. That is, if you’re into seeing too much for a short visit in the island. Yes, sightseeing in Bohol for a day is very possible. However, you really have to know where and what places you want go and see. 

Though you won’t be able to know its people and culture first-hand while moving from one place to another, visiting almost all the famous places you want to see can be within the time frame you planned ahead, as long as you start early. 

While our time to stay there was limited, our hosts hired a bus to bring us to places we wanted to go. 

At 7:30, the bus picked us up at your budget hotel where four us were cramped in a suite room. A suite room in a third world is not the one you imagine, of course. 🙂 Especially in a 2-star hotel.

But anyway, I’m a backpacker and I really don’t care where to sleep as long as its within a four-walled space—and as long as the bathroom is within reach and I can take a shower anytime of the day.
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Things to do in Bohol Chocolate Hills Carmen Hill Peak

Things to do in Bohol: Visit or taste Chocolate Hills in Carmen.

Our first stop was the Chocolate Hills in Carmen town. We hiked up to Carmen Hill Peak and the Sagbayan Hill Peak. The panoramic view is unforgettable. This tourist attraction is the reason why tourists flock to the island of Bohol. The Chocolate Hills is one of those natural wonders that you have to see to believe! 


Things to do in Bohol Man-Made Forest Bohol Philippines

Things to do in Bohol: Explore the Man-Made Forest.

We had our lunch in this very refreshing man-made forests. Though I didn’t eat lunch because I was super full, the place is one hell of heaven on earth. A lot of tourists do their picnic or stop for lunch. No annoying vendors here, so bring your own food. 😉

TARSIER, The World’s Smallest Monkey

Things to do in Bohol  tarsier

Things to do in Bohol: have a tsaring contest with the tarsier.

Arent they cute?

Flying lemur in Bohol tarsier

Flying lemur in Tarsier Sanctuary in Bohol.

These flying lemurs are also found in the same tarsier sanctuary you’ll visit.


Things to do in Bohol Loboc River Tour

Things to do in Bohol: Take this Loboc River tour in Bohol.

In the same place where you can have a glimpse of the tarsier, you can also enjoy watching the boat restaurants that pass the Loboc River, one of the province’s main attractions. If you are going to take this boat-resto tour, you will entertained by the singing cooks and waiters with their fabulous rendition of Filipino songs while cruising down the river.


Things to do in Bohol: Get inside the Hinagdanan Cave.

Things to do in Bohol: Get inside the Hinagdanan Cave.

It was soooooo hot inside. One had to pass by a really, really tiny hole with steep stairs to get inside this cave. To be honest, there’s nothing especial about this cave. The stalactites and stalagmites seem to be lifeless. But, hey, the reflection is nice! 🙂


Things to do in Bohol: Visit the Baclayon Church.

Things to do in Bohol: Visit the Baclayon Church.

This is one of the oldest church in the Philippines, way back from the Spanish colonialism.
Things to do in Bohol: Be entertained by Marimar!

Things to do in Bohol: Be entertained by Marimar!

Marimar is a total performer. She can belt out songs from mariah carey to Celine Dion—in lipsync, with his absolutely crazy and fabulous choreography! Don’t miss her! She’s also the caretaker of Prony, the python in the cage.


Things to do in Bohol: Relax at Panglao Beach.

Things to do in Bohol: Relax at Panglao Beach.

Panglao Island is known for its Panglao Beach with a fine white sand. However, we were dissapointed because the beach was dirty. There’s a lot of litter. I guess, we went to the wrong beach part of Panglao. Do your research which part of Panglao has the best sand quality and clean.   


Calamay Bohol

Things to do in Bohol: Eat a calamay.

This is the islands most famous delicacy. No tourist would leave without buying and tasting one. Spread it on your bread. 

Bohol Honesty Grafitti

Honesty is the best policy?

Walk around and you never know what you discover. 😉 


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