Things to do at El Retiro Park

El Retiro Park in Madrid is one place you can go when the summer heat is too much to bear. It’s a pleasant place to escape from all the academic shit I had last summer. The park has vast greenery and cool shades everywhere. But, I think the best way to explore the park is through a bicycle. Don’t make the mistake like I did – walked around for 5 hours (with rest intervals) under the searing heat. I slept that night with nasty burns on my shoulders and neck.

Here are some things to do at El Retiro Park
(aka Things I did at El Retiro) 

  1. Walk and explore the gardens. This well-manicured garden below is the most interesting and photogenic one. Look at those trees! They’re instagram-perfect, right?

    Things to do at El Retiro Park (Madrid, Spain).

    Things to do at El Retiro Park (Madrid, Spain).

  2. Rest on the benches under the trees. It’s cool and you might find yourself napping.
  3. Follow the trails. Most of them aren’t really hiking trails because they’re wide.
  4. Ogle at the many statues inside the park, especially along Paseo de la Argentina. The most interesting here is the Statue of the Fallen Angel. 


    Statue of the Fallen Angel at El Retiro Park in Madrid, Spain.

  5. Go biking. I saw some people biking around but I didn’t see a bike rental place. If I had seen one, I could have rented one.
  6. Get fit at the outdoor gym. This is a good place for people-watching or cruising. 😉
  7. Go boating. And don’t forget your sunblock. 😀

    Things to do at El Retiro Park (Madrid, Spain).

    Things to do at El Retiro Park (Madrid, Spain).

  8. Have a picnic. I didn’t really see any picnic table, but some groups spread a mat onto the grassy areas.
  9. Visit some historical buildings at El Retiro Park.

    Like, the Glass Palace which was built for Philippine Exhibition in 1887. Check out the Velasquez Palace, too.

    Things to do at El Retiro Park (Madrid, Spain).

    Things to do at El Retiro Park (Madrid, Spain).

  10. Enjoy the music and cultural performances. In summer there are some free performances here. When I was there, there was a band playing…

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