The Onion Guy

“Cebolla! Cebolla!”, so I heard the onion guy screaming loud enough to be heard by household residents. I paced faster to get closer to snap a photo of him which he happily obliged without any return. He asked me where I come from and in jest, he said, “Buy this to Canada.” I smiled and asked his name. I introduced myself by extending my hand but embarrassed when I realized his hands were full. We both laughed at my silliness.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Vladimir, the Onion Guy.


The Onion Guy

He is Vladimir. According to what I’ve understood from our little chat, his father fought with the Russians, thus explains his name. 

The Onion Guy

He happily obliged when I asked him of this portrait–without any return.

The Onion Guy

We parted ways when this woman called him.

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