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The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a Beautiful Architectural Accident (Italy).

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a Beautiful Architectural Accident

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a beautiful  architectural accident. It is, perhaps, Italy’s most photographed landmark. It was never built to be leaning but just your normal, free standing bell tower you see around Italy. It was built during the Medieval Times in Romanesque style. So, why is the Tower of Pisa leaning?  Well, […]

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Diwan at Madain Saleh, Saudi Arabia.

Photos: Al Diwan at Madain Saleh

I’m supposed to post these photos of Al Diwan at Madain Saleh a long time ago but I got so busy at work. And I also had to do some research on my trip to Bahrain and UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain). Now, that I’m back, I just realized that there are still two posts […]

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Qasr Al Bint has the largest tomb facade at Madain Saleh (Saudi Arabia).

Qasr Al Bint – Palace of the Daughter or Maiden

The Qasr Al Bint is a group of tombs dedicated to the women of ancient times. It is translated as the “Palace of the Daughter or Maiden.” It has, too, the largest tomb facade in the entire Madain Saleh, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One interesting tomb here is the one occupied and built by two sisters. It […]

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Athleb Mountains at Madain Saleh in Saudi Arabia.

Athleb Mountain – The Skyscrapers of Madain Saleh

Just outside the barbed wire fence of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Madain Saleh in Saudi Arabia is the towering Athleb Mountain. They’re a breathtakingly gorgeous wonder that withstood the burning temperature of the desert. Related Read: Things to do and see at Madain Saleh  Athleb Mountain is just a few kilometres drive away outside […]

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The Soldiers of Gyeongbokgung Palace during the Morning Parade in Seoul, South Korea.

Spending my morning with the Soldiers of Gyeongbokgung Palace

Now that the end of this trip is getting closer, I’m beginning to feel muscle pains in my back, legs and arms. The excitement of going to places and do some touristy stuff bore me now a bit and all I want is just sleep, sleep and sleep. You know, like lying in your bed without fellow […]

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The Golden Pavilion in Kyoto, Japan.

The Golden Pavilion in Kyoto

Kyoto, has 1,600 Buddhist temples and over 400 Shinto Shrines. With 17 UNESCO World Cultural Heritages, a tourist would never have to complain on what to do and see in the city that’s known to be the Cultural Capital of Japan. No wonder, Kyoto, is a must-see for travellers. Temples, however, will bore you to death, unless […]

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