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Calle Las Damas

Calle Las Damas La Zona Colonial Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic La Zona Colonial (Colonial Zone) in Santo Domingo is DIRTY. There are only very few trash cans and when you can see one, it’s super full. Litters are literally everywhere in the area and it’s disgusting. The cleanest street around here is the Calle Las […]

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Guilin: The Karst Mountains

Suzy is from Romania who has lived in Beijing for a couple of years and went to Guilin, the Southern part of China, to travel with her boyfriend this summer. She says, “Its the happiest travel of my life!” Well, with these vistas and a guy you love by your side, what else could you […]

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Philippines: EL NIDO

A friend of mine from Nueva York and who is currently in Beijing, Iris, flew to a paradise island called, El Nido, Palawan in the Philippines. She took this photo from her hotel balcony during sunset. When you get a perfect picture like this, youll conclude that shes not alone watching this fantastic panorama of […]

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Turkey Sunset

Turkey: A Stunning Sunset

Our guest photographer is Amanda Min from Hongkong. Just recently, on September 20, 2010, she went to Turkey and snapped this heavenly shot of the sunset. You know how I love sunsets, so when I saw her shot, I was righ away floored, speechless—and even until now, Im dreaming of seeing it myself. For more […]

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Thailand: Patong Beach Sunset

From Saigon (Vietnam), I flew to Bangkok then to Phuket, the southernmost part of Thailand to relax at the beach. I heard a lot about this beach as the “flesh mecca” of all sorts of debauchery, in contrast to the nearby tiny islands which are good for island hopping. Patong Beach area was drastically affected […]

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Boracay Sunset (Philippines)

Boracay Sunset is the best in the world

The breathtaking Boracay sunset is one thing you would never forget when you leave the island. It’s also one thing you would miss about the island. You’ll forget about the hedonism and crazy things you did there but not its sunset.    You all know how crazy I am about sunsets. It love them. I […]

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Street Food in Beijing

A reader of mine commanded me on a mission to scourge the streets to find disgusting food in Beijing. I looked no further but I went to Wangfujing Street where I found these species. I’m not really sure if these are what he meant. Related: Penis Meat Restaurant in Beijing We’ll take you from ancient […]

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