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going to Toronto Island is like going to the arctic

Frozen Toronto Looks Like the Arctic

Yes, you’re right. I woke up super early this morning hoping I’d be able to witness the ferry breaking the ice on its first trip of the day to the island at 6:35. But, unfortunately, the odds were not in my favor; I almost made it. I was late for 6 minutes. Don’t blame me. […]

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Gibraltar Lighthouse

Standing at 52 feet high and topped by a wooden cage, Gibraltar Lighthouse is the second oldest surviving lighthouse in Canada. It is believed that this lighthouse is haunted. The mysterious disappearance of its first keeper in 1815 and the subsequent discovery nearby of a part human skeleton enhanced its reputation as a haunted building. […]

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Night view from Hanlan’s

This is my favorite place in Toronto at night. Theres always something about the flickering embers of city lights that would never ever fail to capture my senses. I sigh every time I get to see this panoramic view of the city from Hanlan. Its a sigh of admiration and wonderment to the amazing accomplishments […]

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