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TIFF 2011: Bill Nighy and David Hare – Page Eight

Bill Nighy is aging gracefully, I should say. He arrived with his two feet on the ground by being so accomodating to the people waiting at the TIFF premiere of his film, PAGE EIGHT. He was so cool and patient in signing autographs and taking photos with the stargazers. He came earlier so he had […]

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TIFF 2011: Terence Howard – WINNIE

My favorite hustla, Terence Howard (Remember him from the 2005 movie HUSTLE & FLOW-where he was nominated as Best Actor?), is in town for the premiere of his movie, WINNIE, with Jennifer Hudson in the title role. The movie is based on the life of Nelson Mandelas wife, Winnie Mandela. The film is an officila […]

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TIFF 2011: Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt–Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt were in town last Saturday for the premiere of their movie, SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN. TIFF fans were so uncontrollable and security guards really had a hard time controlling them. TIFF Committee should have asked permission to close part of King Street to accomodate red carpet and fans who […]

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