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Cultural Places to Visit in Shanghai Skyline from the Bund

Six Cultural Places to Visit in Shanghai

Shanghai is a massive city in China, located on its central coast. It is China’s biggest city and financial hub/capital. In the heart of the city is a famous waterfront with buildings from the colonial era, mostly of British influence. They call it “The Bund.” The city itself is home to a fast lifestyle of […]

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Take A Peek What's Inside A Sex Museum in China

Take a Peek Inside The China Sex Museum

Inside this sex museum, I’ve learned that there are two basic instincts of human life: food and sex. I didn’t expect the latter but I don’t doubt it. Most people think of Shanghai as a cosmopolitan city wrapped in pollution, just like its rival city, Beijing. Many locals and visitors marvel at the grandeur of […]

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Life in China - Bicycles

Pedicabs in China

Not only are bicycles ubiquitous in China but also pedicabs. They compete the streets with other modes of transport — and can be annoying when they cause and contribute to the traffic during rush hours. Pedicabs have many uses to many people. They are practical to use for every task that involves heavy loads and […]

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China Best Travel Photos – Part 1

My first trip abroad was in late 2002. My first destination was Beijing, China. Back then, Beijing was a bit of a chaos. It was The China in my mind: Chinese courtyard houses were still everywhere, waiting to be discovered; the morning rush hours meant people go to work in their bicycles; food stalls were […]

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2010 Shanghai World Expo: Europe 2

Here are the second batch of photos of Europe Pavilions. Norway is quite on this side.Poland is the most photogenic at night.We got inside via VIP access because our friend Dani can speak Portuguese.Romania, where is Dracula? We went inside and he’s not in there! Russia is fierce! Spain is visually-stunning inside. Sweden is playing […]

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2010 Shanghai World Expo: Europe 1

I know I should have posted this days ago but I want Europe Pavilions to be the last photos I’d be posting. The continent has so many countries participating at the Expo so I’d only put 14 countries where I have friends in there.

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2010 Shanghai World Expo: Africa

The pavilions from the African continent is sort of quite, except, for South Africa where there was a queue but not that long. Owe that for their football fame that made the Chinese goers curious. Or maybe, Nelson Mandela’s huge pic drew them together. Egypt, too, had a long queue. I could have gone inside […]

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2010 Shanghai World Expo – The Americas

Canada and the USA are the giants in The Americas area. They’re the most queued pavilions. Obviously because they have economies that matter in the world. Surprisingly, The Carribbean, Americas and Africa zones are not as crowded as Europe and Asia zones. Reckon that, except USA and Canada, the rest of the countries are least […]

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The Bund – A Photogenic Whore

If I have to judge between the two biggest cities (Beijing and Shanghai) in China, Beijing is more photogenic during the day—and Shanghai is more photogenic at night. I lived in Beijing for more than 5 years and I never ever got tired of photographing the city—anywhere. I’ve been here in Shanghai soooo many times […]

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That’s Shanghai Magazine Couchsurfing Article

Looka, looka, looka! Last week, while I was attending a birthday dinner when a friend, Rocio, broke the news about me appearing on That’s Shanghai Magazine, March 2009 Issue. She described where she saw it and was pretty sure that it was me right there on the magazine’s Table of Contents page! With excitement, I called Tess, a […]

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