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30 Photos: 2017 Roma Pride Parade.

30 Photos: 2017 Roma Pride Parade

The 2017 Roma Pride Parade happened yesterday. It was a very beautiful day with normal early summer temperature. It started from Plaza de la Republica and ended up at Piazza de Venezia. A fellow couchsurfer and I joined the parade that lasted almost three hours. I didn’t finish the parade route because my legs were so […]

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The crowd at 2015 Toronto Pride Parade on Bloor Street.

Photos: 2015 Toronto Pride Parade

Here are the photos of the 2015 Toronto Pride Parade. I wasn’t really motivated to finish the Pride because it got boring. I don’t like it when each group has more than 50 people marching and do nothing but walk. Not even cheering. It got drag. So, I decided to just go somewhere else. Or […]

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Celina Jaitly and Cyndi Lauper led the Toronto Pride Parade 2015 despite constant drizzle and cold temperature.

Celina Jaitly and Cyndi Lauper at 2015 Toronto Pride Parade

This year, Toronto Pride Parade has three International Grand Marshalls: Pussy Riot from Russia, Celina Jaitly from India and Cyndi Lauper from the USA. Celina Jaitly is a successful Bollywood actress who is very vocal in fighting LGBT rights in her native India where it is still a crime being gay. She is an ambassador […]

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Pussy Riot Led 2015 Toronto Pride Parade despite drizzle and cold weather.

Pussy Riot Led Toronto Pride Parade 2015

Pussy Riot led Toronto Pride Parade 2015 amidst constant drizzle and chilly temperature. And oh, they didn’t just led—but they made quiet an entrance—inside a huge, red missile carried by an army truck. Boy, that was the best entrance of any International Grand Marshall Pride Toronto ever had since I arrived here in 2005. Pussy […]

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The Shirtless Boys of World Pride 2014 Toronto

The Shirtless Boys of World Pride

I didn’t intend to write a separate blog entry of these shirtless boys of World Pride in Toronto until the Pride Parade was almost over. It was 6 hours long — and shirtless, sexy boys are all over (me) and they’re the ones that made the crowd (especially girls and gays) screamed to the top […]

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WorldPride Parade 2014 Toronto

World Pride Parade Toronto 2014 Photos

World Pride Parade Toronto 2014 celebrations might be over, but I still have my hangover. In fact, I am writing this right now with my head a bit spinning. The poster on my wall motivates me to just go through the day: BE CALM AND CARRY ON.  World Pride Toronto 2014 just had a 10-day […]

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World Pride Parade Toronto 2014

World Pride Parade Toronto 2014 Video

I have taken more than 600 photos from World Pride Parade Toronto 2014 and I’ve discarded more than half of them because they’re either blurry or just plain damn useless. I’ll be posting my top 50 photos from the World Pride Parade after this entry—but in the meantime, enjoy this video, a compilation of 198 […]

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Melissa Etheridge and Deborah Cox Rock the World Pride Toronto Opening Ceremonies

Melissa Etheridge and Deborah Cox Rock the World Pride Toronto Opening Ceremonies

World Pride Toronto celebrations started with star-studded Opening Ceremonies at Nathan Phillips Square where thousands came to jam with the proud and out and Grammy-winning country singer Melissa Etheridge who never failed to keep everyone on their feet. Multi-platinum pop sensation Deborah Cox did show-stopper numbers in a makeshift, floating stage. All-American Boy Steve Grand […]

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Eleven more days when this city welcomes thousands of revelers to the World Pride Toronto 2014. Rainbow crossings at Church Street (aka The Gay Village) are already laid out and ubiquitous rainbow flags are hanging proud. Print and billboard ads of sponsors are ready to celebrate and party with the rest of the fabulous crowd. Related: […]

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Bangalore Pride Parade India

Bangalore Pride Parade 2013

It’s raining rainbows (mostly umbrellas), if not men, at the Bangalore Pride Parade 2013! A fabulous friend of mine (who happens to be also a traveler) has recently attended the event and he got nothing to say but optimism and pride to demand equal rights for all LGBT communities in India. Escorted by some police officers, the […]

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