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Davao Butterfly Garden

Davao Butterfly Garden

Somebody invited me this week to go to Davao City for two days and a night. I’m so glad I went because Davao City is NOT the same chaotic city I’ve seen in August 2002. Now, Davao City is a clean, organized city and away from the dangerous people who used to be sulking in […]

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MHB 2010: Artistic Performance

First and foremost, MHB stands for Mutya Hong Butuan. It is an annual beauty pageant in Butuan City where I used to live and work. It is a beauty pageant where I used to be a scriptwriter for three consecutive years. Last night, I had the chance to witness the pageantry once again (after missing […]

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Things to do in Bohol: Relax at Panglao Beach.

Things to do in Bohol for a Day

There are many things to do in Bohol for a day. That is, if you’re into seeing too much for a short visit in the island. Yes, sightseeing in Bohol for a day is very possible. However, you really have to know where and what places you want go and see.  Though you won’t be […]

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The Chocolate Hills - View from Sagbayan Peak

The Chocolate Hills – View from Sagbayan Peak

There’s one thing that comes to mind when Bohol Island mentioned—the wonderful Chocolate Hills. I was in Bohol for a night and two days! It was a short trip bonding with my fabulous friends I’ve never seen for eight years!  There are two viewing deck for tourists to see the Chocolate Hills in two different panoramas. One […]

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Chocolate Hills in Bohol - View from carmen Hill Peak

Chocolate Hills in Bohol – View from Carmen Peak

Chocolate Hills in Bohol is a natural wonder that you have to see. It’s not like any other natural wonder you’ve seen in your life. There’s not just one or a hundred chocolate hills (or mounds) but 1,776 of them scattered like they’re some kind of a giant’s turd. LOL….  The local people have legends […]

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Davao Crocodile Park, Philippines.

What it’s like inside Davao Crocodile Park

“What’s it’s like in a Crocodile Park?”, you might ask. Well, there are lots of crocodiles for sure. I’ve never seen so many crocodiles before in my life. The crocodiles I know in the Philippines are people, the politicians. Not a joke. If I were a crocodile, I’d be devastated to be compared to the […]

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Things to do in Bohol Marimar of Bohol

The Fabulous Marimar of Bohol

If you are from Latin America, you must be familiar with Marimar, who once ruled and the undisputed soap opera queen in Mexico. She is popularly known as Thalia, and currently the wife of Sony Records Executive, Tommy Mottola, Mariah Carey’s ex. Marimar is not just an actress, but also a diva in her own […]

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Boracay Sunset (Philippines)

Boracay Sunset is the best in the world

The breathtaking Boracay sunset is one thing you would never forget when you leave the island. It’s also one thing you would miss about the island. You’ll forget about the hedonism and crazy things you did there but not its sunset.    You all know how crazy I am about sunsets. It love them. I […]

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Snorkeling and Island Hopping in Boracay, Philippines.

Snorkeling and Island Hopping in Boracay

I signed up for this “FUN” activity (Snorkeling and Island Hopping in Boracay) thru the tour operator called ALLAN B FUN TOURS. Im telling you…..its not fun at all. That is if we have the same definition of FUN. But, for sure, we both know exactly know what FUN is and what / how it […]

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Nightlife in Boracay

Nightlife in Boracay is like hell at its best. Its fierce, naughty, kinky and, of course, fun. If youre a member of the Immaculate Conception congregation, this is not the kind of fun you are surely looking for. If you walk along the beach from end to end, you can see shadows lurking the corner. Two […]

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