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Caribana Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival 2014

Photos: Scotiabank Caribbean Festival 2014 Caribana Toronto

It’s a festival called with two names: Caribana Festival (the old one) and Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival (the new one). For most people, the former is better-sounding than the latter that bears its sponsor’s name. Caribana, aka Scotiabank Caribbean Festival 2014 is no different from the past: disorganized. The first time and the last time I […]

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Church Street Halloween Parade 2011 – The Shirtless

The weather was nice, so you could expect guys showing off their sinfully delicious flesh. I’m speechless. Hi, boys! Care for a threesome? Oh boy, they’re my new religion. Now, I’m very speechless.

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Church Street Halloween Parade 2011 – The Cuties and Twinkies

Don’t tell you don’t find these twinkies cute, if not hot. If you don’t better see your vet. Who’s the guy you wanna introduce to mom? Hmmmnnn… Yummy? So hard to choose. Gladiators are hard, they say.

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