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Crothers Woods Fall Colours

Fall Colours in Crothers Woods

The fall colours in Crothers Woods in Toronto didn’t disappoint me. When the sun showed up after lunch time today, a friend and I went for a hike for two hours at there. Well, not exactly two hours of hiking; 45 minutes of that were spent in camwhoring. We were worried the sun would be […]

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Fall Colours in Mono Cliffs Ontario Canada

Fall Colours in Mono Cliffs

It’s that time of the year again when you fall in love with Canada—especially when you’re in close encounter with the fall colours in Mono Cliffs. There are many places in Ontario where you can drive by, hike or walk to admire fall foliage. Last weekend, a friend brought me to Mono Cliffs, an hour […]

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The world's smallest island The Thousand Islands Kingston Canada

The World’s Smallest Island Has Only One Residence

This is, perhaps, the world’s smallest island that only one residence can fit on it. This island is found at The Thousand IslandsĀ in Ganonoque, Kingston, Ontario. As you can see, the house is really surrounded by water and there’s not even a backyard enough for playing with your kids. The front lawn, however, is a […]

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Day Trip from Toronto sunflower field in Ontario Innisfil

Sunflower Farm in Innisfil

We visited a sunflower farm in Innisfil, Ontario today. It’s an hour (or less) drive from Toronto. When we arrived there, it was very hard to find a parking space but we managed to find one away from the farm. We walked a bit and checked the houses in front of the field so we […]

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Kelso Lake at Halton Conservation in Milton

My first Kayak Experience

Last weekend, I had my first kayak experience at Kelso Lake for an hour. I paddled across the lake in a single kayak and boy, it was easier than I thought! But, I must admit, I bumped my kayak into tree branches on the shore because I didn’t figure out quickly how to control my […]

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Cathedral of the Transfiguration in Markham

This Cathedral is Thirty Years in the Making But Still Unfinished

This Cathedral of Transfiguration in Markham, Ontario is thirty years in the making but still unfinished. And nobody knows when exactly it’s going to see the light of the day when its congregants will be welcomed back again inside. The last time this Cathedral was opened to the public was in 2009 but its last […]

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Frozen Niagara Falls

Frozen Niagara Falls is Breathtakingly Stunning

It’s been a month since polar vortex hit North America. It’s still freezing and the temperature is far from leaving sub zero. Snow is still everywhere and no sign of melting yet, though we’ve seen blue skies in the past few days. Yesterday, someone picked me up at home impromptu, without telling me where to […]

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Panorama Lounge Toronto Skyline

Cheaper Way To See Toronto Skyline

The price ($32) you pay to climb CN Tower, North America’s free standing structure, is the same bucks you pay for three glasses of white wine at Panorama Lounge—your cheaper choice to see Toronto skyline in its glorious, sweeping view. Located on the 51st floor of Manulife Building, diners, loungers, lovers and oglers will be […]

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Tree Sculpture London Ontario

London Tree Sculptures

In London, Ontario, dead tree trunks got a second life, re-incarnated by skilled artists into wonderful sculptures of different themes, sizes, expressions, moods and hues. While other cities are abundant with public art that are made up of steel, granite, marble, glass, metal and plastic, London’s very unique public art pieces are carved out from […]

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Flower Pots island Things to do in Bruce Peninsula

Flowerpot Island – The Most Photographed Natural Wonder

Flowerpot Island is a 10-minute ride from Tobermory via fast ferry. It is one of the Fathom Five National Marine Park around Bruce Peninsula. From the shipwrecks, if you are taking a tour, your ferry will take you to the Flowerpot Island where it will drop you off so you can enjoy the island itself. […]

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