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Frozen Niagara Falls Cascades Rainbow at Night.

Frozen Niagara Falls Cascades Rainbow at Night

You have seen viral photos of frozen Niagara Falls at daylight but few at night time. Ok, maybe, you’ve seen the night photos of one of the world’s most iconic waterfalls, but they’re during summer night time. Have you seen the frozen Niagara Falls at¬†night time? It’s not just really romantic (it’s cold, so hugging/smooching […]

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Frozen Niagara Falls

Frozen Niagara Falls is Breathtakingly Stunning

It’s been a month since polar vortex hit North America. It’s still freezing and the temperature is far from leaving sub zero. Snow is still everywhere and no sign of melting yet, though we’ve seen blue skies in the past few days. Yesterday, someone picked me up at home impromptu, without telling me where to […]

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Niagara Upside Down House

Guaranteed to make you feel a bit dizzy once inside, Niagara Falls‘ newest attraction is the Upside Down House sitting at the heart of ¬†Clifton Hill. Just by looking at it, one would be curious of what’s like inside and how things are organized in such a weird facade. We all have seen Chris Hadfield […]

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Niagara Falls at Night

The mighty Niagara Falls during the day is a sight to behold to every tourist who would surely leave the place with a great impression of Canadas most-visited natural wonder. At night, the falls is not just a raging water but a romantic destination for everyone—including couples of honeymooners who walk like theyre in-love for […]

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The Mighty Niagara Falls

I am lucky. So lucky that in less than a week since landing here in the land of maple trees, I had the chance of visiting the MIGHTY NIAGARA FALLS. It was so mighty that, as a witness to one of the world’s greatest wonders, I can’t fathom it’s mightiness, grandeur and beauty. It truly, […]

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