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Mt Fuji is Japan's highest mountain.

Mt. Fuji

Konbanwa! Arigato! Exactly a year ago, I was in Japan and saw the grand natural wonder that is synonymous to Japan—Mt. Fuji. Together with newly-found friends through couchsurfing from Japan, Hungary, Germany, Peru, USA, and New Zealand, we walked around the lake where the Mighty Mountain stands so proud nearby. We picknicked on a really […]

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2010 Buskerfest Toronto – Part 2

Who’s your favorite buskers and whos the one that keeps your heart pumping? Who’s the one that charmed you and left you in stitches? Who’s the one hot and whos not? Who’s the one that dared and whos the one that left you uttering in disbelief? Who’s the one creative and whos the one awesome? […]

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2010 Buskerfest Toronto (Part 1)

Ive seen these people before but I called them street performers. You can take a glimpse of these people, too, in the subway during your morning and afternoon commute. They entertain passersby and at the same time annoy them for “donation.” Here in Toronto, they are honored for four consecutive days in a year and […]

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