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10 Masterpieces Not To Miss at Louvre Museum in Paris (France).

10 Masterpieces Not To Miss at Louvre Museum in Paris

The Louvre Museum is the world’s largest art museum. It is renowned for Leonardo Da Vinci’s, Monalisa. If you only have limited time to spare inside, here are 10 masterpieces not to miss at Louvre Museum in Paris. Ideally, this museum should not be seen in rush. There’s so much to see here and I’d […]

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Ancient Meets Modern at Luxembourg Museum.

Ancient Meets Modern at Luxembourg City Museum

Starting from it’s all-glass facade, visitors would already know that ancient meets modern at Luxembourg City Museum. But, wait until you see its interior. The city’s old ramparts blend well with the modern designs, giving visitors a kind of feeling to be at present while exploring the past. The artifacts on display have clear, historical […]

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View from De Young Museum.

View from De Young Museum

De Young Museum is inside the Golden Gate Park. But, don’t be misled — the Golden Gate Bridge is still far away from from here. Yes, you can walk but good luck to you. I’d give my hats off if you’ll get there without complaining a bit. Well, since it’s a museum, so you already […]

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Iga Ninja Museum Ueno in Japan has all things ninja.

Ninja Museum

We left Shizuoka at 8:00 a.m. for a 6-hour trip to the Ninja Museum at Igaryu.  Ninja Museum is an interesting place where visitors are shown (or educated) to the world of Ninja. The museum looks like a farmhouse to me. It’s a deception, of course!  A ninja, named Taroujirou once lived here. Don’t ask me who […]

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