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The Grand Al Mursi Mosque in Alexandria, Egypt.

The Grand Al Mursi Mosque

The grand Al Mursi Mosque in Alexandria is devoted to a great Sufi Saint Abul Abbas al-Mursi. In fact, his body is laid here. This is a very historical mosque where both males and females can go in and worship but separately. I wasn’t planning to visit this place but I got lost looking for […]

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Coptic Cairo - Church of Sts Sergius and Bacchus (Egypt).

Jesus was a Refugee in Egypt and This is the Cave Where He Stayed

Jesus was a refugee in Egypt and this is the cave where he stayed with Mary and Joseph. It is also believed that Joseph, the carpenter, might have worked at the Babylon Fortress nearby. When Jesus was still an infant, King Herod of Judea ordered to kill all “first borns.” The Holy Family fleed to […]

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Montaza Palace Gardens - A Beautiful Refuge from the Heat (Alexandria, Egypt)

Montaza Palace Gardens – A Beautiful Refuge from the Heat

Montaza Palace Gardens is your beautiful refuge from the heat in Alexandria. Though it can be chilly in winter, it is still an ideal place to watch the Mediterranean sunset. A walk in this huge park should be relaxing, while admiring the well-tended gardens. You’ll never run out of shades and verdant lush in here. […]

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Mediterranean Sunset in Alexandria (Montaza Palace Gardens) Egypt

Mediterranean Sunset in Alexandria

Mediterranean sunset in Alexandria is, oh boy, breathtaking. While I was in Alexandria last month, a local couchsurfer (Thanks, Abdulazziz!) brought me to Montaza Palace Gardens. This park is huge and there were only few people when we were there. Its lush green, well-manicured gardens are good for an afternoon walk or picnic. This is a […]

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Photos: Inside the Red Pyramid in Cairo (Egypt).

Photos: Inside the Red Pyramid in Cairo

Going inside the Red Pyramid in Cairo is an experience worth doing. It might be hard for those who have fear of closed spaces but you’d never regret it. You’ll reach the bosom of the Pyramid in your own time and emerge victorious. For some people, there’s “nothing to see there” but for me, it answers the […]

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Inside the Red Pyramid in Dahshur, Egypt.

Video: This is What You’ll See Inside the Red Pyramid in Egypt

This is what you see inside the Red Pyramid in Egypt. It is said to be the world’s oldest true pyramids. This is located at Dahshur, 20 kilometres away from the famous trio of Pyramids in Giza. Don’t be fooled by its name though. The whole facade of the pyramid has nothing red on it. […]

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Bahrain Skyline at Night (Manama).

Bahrain Skyline at Night

Last weekend, a colleague and I went to Manama to renew our Saudi visa. I’ve been to Bahrain 4 times already and I stayed 3-4 nights in each visit. There’s nothing much to do in Bahrain, really. You can even explore the whole country in half a day! Manama is called “Saudi Bar” by the […]

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I Wore Flip Flops Climbing Mountains in Al Ula

I Wore Flip Flops Climbing Mountains in Al Ula

Yes, that’s right. I wore flip flops climbing mountains in Al Ula. They’re not your ordinary mountains but rocky mountains which can be dangerous when you step on imbalanced rocks. I didn’t bring my shoes because no one told me we were gonna climb mountains. It was supposed to be just a hike – but when […]

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