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Lebanon: 10 Things to See in Beirut.

Lebanon: 10 Things to See in Beirut

A popular moniker associated with Beirut truly depicts what it is. Although hit by a civil war for more than 14 years, “The Paris of the Middle East” has still got restaurants and pubs popping out every day, luxury hotels with luxury pools tending to foreigners, and traditional souks flooded with people of every color. […]

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8 Things to do in Kuwait (Kuwait Towers)

8 Things to do in Kuwait

Sandwiched between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, my experience with Kuwait, a tiny Arab country, is nothing spectacular. That’s mainly because aside from being so expensive, public transport around the city is almost non-existent. Taxis? Duh, they’ll rip you off, especially tourists. Uber and other car sharing business? Nada. It can be really frustrating.  I asked […]

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Manama Things to do in Bahrain

10 Things to do in Bahrain

Riches are the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when most people think of the Arab world. However, I’d like to add here that besides all of its oil reserves, luxury hotels, glittering gold, and everything expensive, I found Bahrain rich in culture, too. Wandering through the following 8 locations like the intrepid tourist […]

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Photos From Yanbu Flower Festival 2018 - The World's Largest Carpet of Flowers (Saudi Arabia).

Photos From Yanbu Flower Festival 2018 – The World’s Largest Carpet of Flowers

The annual Yanbu Flower Festival is here again but we were too late to visit the famed Spring festival in Saudi Arabia. We were there last weekend and to our dismay, I’d say that 30% of the flowers were wilting and/or already wilted. You can see it in the photos below this blog post. The […]

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The Fireworks at Yanbu Flower Festival (Yanbu, Saudi Arabia).

The Fireworks at Yanbu Flower Festival

Here are the photos of the fireworks ay Yanbu Flower Festival! Yanbu Flower Festival is on from March 1 – April 7, 2018. Saudi Arabia isn’t really famous for its flowers because of its weather – and we’re all surprised to hear such an event like this. Related Post: Photos from the Yanbu Flower Festival […]

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Must-see: Inside Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque (Blue Mosque) in Beirut (Lebanon).

Must-see: Inside Al Amin Mosque in Beirut

While I was in Beirut, I had the chance to go inside Al Amin Mosque. The locals call it as Blue Mosque, simply because of its blue dome that sits on top of it. Mohammad Al Amin is not an ancient mosque. Compared to the Blue Mosque in Turkey, in Egypt or in any other […]

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I Love Beirut Sign (Lebanon).

I Love Beirut

A lot of cities around the world are joining the fad of installing “I Love …” signs. We have that, too, in my city – Toronto. These signs are usually placed in downtown area or where locals congregate. Or in touristy neighbourhoods. Beirut, of course, has one. Its “I Love Beirut” sign is found at […]

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All the Lebanese Food / Cuisine I Ate in Beirut.

This is What Lebanese Cuisine Looks Like

Below are photos of Lebanese cuisine / food I ate while in Beirut for three nights. These are all the dinner food we had for iftar. This is not a regular meal for dinner but it’s a food feast (aka, food porn). Imagine three adults and a child gorging on these delightful cuisine? We had […]

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Beirut Pigeon Rocks (Lebanon).

Beirut Pigeon Rocks – Guardians of the GalaxSea?

“You’ve never been to Beirut if you don’t have a photo of yourself at Pigeon Rocks.” Those were the words of a friend who offered to host me at her house. I can’t blame her. If you google  Beirut or Lebanon photos, Pigeon Rocks never fail to show up. Try googling “Things to do in […]

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The Hanging Church in Cairo - Virgin Mary Appeared Here (Egypt).

The Hanging Church in Cairo – Virgin Mary Appeared Here

You might have heard of the “Hanging Gardens of Babylon” but you’ve never heard of the Hanging Church in Cairo. The former was one of the 7 Wonders of the World, while the latter once the seat of papacy of the Orthodox Church. This tiny church is known for its apparitions where Mary appeared to […]

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