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The Girl and the Pigeons at Parque Colon

Parque Colon La Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Parque Colon is at the heart of Zona Colonial in Santo Domingo. The photo above is a usual scene in this park. Families and friends bond together here by simply hanging out or take pleasure in people-watching. Doves come in drove for food and children have the […]

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Museo de las Casa Reales

Museo de Las Casas Reales (The Museum of the Royal Houses or Royal Palaces) La Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Built in the 16th century, the Royal Household Museum houses both the Palace of the Governor General and the Palace of Royal Audiences. The former, in the northeast part of the building, is a sober design embellished with gothic Isabeline […]

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Catedral Primada de America (America’s First Cathedral) Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Catedral Primada de America is officially known as Catedral Santa Maria de la Encarnacion is located at the heart of La Zona Colonial. The Cathedral has 14 chapels and one of them said to be the first resting place of Christopher Columbus. According to a […]

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