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Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum in Japan.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

You can’t unsee all the things you’ve seen inside Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. They will be with you forever. They might not haunt you but they’ll stay in your memory. The history. The displays. The graphic photos. The voices. The clothes. The ruins. The objects. The haunting feeling. The guilt. The horrors and terrors. The scream. The hopelessness. The victims. Their faces. And the haunting […]

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The A-Bomb Dome is the only surviving building during the Hiroshima Bombing / Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima.

Landmarks to see at Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima

There are no more traces of the war and the atomic bombing in Hiroshima. Except for the A-Bomb Dome which is preserved and sturdily standing by the river. People are moving on but they don’t forget that saddest day of their lives and they don’t forget to honor the 140,000 victims of the nuclear bombing at […]

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Dotombori Namba is the heartbeat of Osaka, Japan.

Dotombori Namba is the heartbeat of Osaka

Dotombori Namba is the heartbeat of Osaka’s city life. It’s a good place to do everything: eat, shop, drink or watch strangers as they go by. This area has a lot of Japanese teenagers ready to get wasted, have fun and maybe, get laid. The colourful neon lights and the annoying music from almost every […]

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Japan: Gay Osaka

While typing this blog update, I am tipsy. Ok, well, in between tipsy and drunk. What’s the word? The Japanese guy I met at a sauna called Hokuohkan kept on pouring me some sparkling wine at the dinner. And to answer your questions, dahlin, “No, we didn’t do it.” We just met up at the […]

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Open Museum of Traditional Houses in Osaka, Japan.

Open Museum of Traditional Houses

The Open Museum of Traditional Houses in Osaka is in the outskirts of the city but it is very accessible to the subway. From the subway, challenge yourself to walk for 800 meters. It’s easy to find it even if I didn’t see any billboards to direct me there. However, don’t ever expect too much […]

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World's Largest Ferris Wheel and Largest Aquarium Tank in Osaka (2009)

World’s Largest Ferris Wheel and Largest Aquarium Tank in Osaka

I went to two world records today. Oh no, I’m not talking about my sex life. LOL… I’m talking about two amazing things I’ve seen today: the World’s largest Ferris Wheel and the Largest Aquarium Tank in Osaka. Well, I didn’t know that until I read the brochure. JAPAN, THE LAND OF THE RISING SUN THE […]

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Osaka Skyline from Umeda Sky Building

Osaka Skyline from Umeda Sky Building

I left Kyoto this morning at 10:00 and arrived in Osaka 30 minutes later. I’m impressed with Japan’s train system. I didn’t queue up. When I arrived at the JR Express train station in Kyoto, I got a ticket through the vending machine and bingo, the train arrives on time. It was just like a […]

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Osaka Castle plays an important role in Japan's history.

The Glorious Osaka Castle

I’m surprised to know that Japan has a castle. And they do have some. Not just one. And one of the most well-known castles is the Osaka Castle. Nowadays, the castle is turned into a museum with impressive presentation of history using digital technology that will blow you away. The presentations are set in different languages. JAPAN […]

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Traditional Japanese Houses in Kyoto.

Traditional Japanese Houses in Kyoto

I told you yesterday that I had so much of temples here and there and everywhere in this city. So, instead of going to the city and see buildings again, I decided to be a bit of historical and cultural. How did I do it? I just walked around the city, passing through streets that interest […]

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The Golden Pavilion in Kyoto, Japan.

The Golden Pavilion in Kyoto

Kyoto, has 1,600 Buddhist temples and over 400 Shinto Shrines. With 17 UNESCO World Cultural Heritages, a tourist would never have to complain on what to do and see in the city that’s known to be the Cultural Capital of Japan. No wonder, Kyoto, is a must-see for travellers. Temples, however, will bore you to death, unless […]

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