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Rainbow Hostel Marrakech - A Hostel of Dazzling Colours (Marrakech, Morocco)

Review – Rainbow Hostel Marrakech

Rainbow Hostel Marrakech is filled with bold colours from the floor to the wall and to the ceiling. The sofas, tables, linens and bathroom tiles are splattered with mixed, interesting designs and hues. Rainbow Hostel Marrakech Location The taxi from the train station to Place Djaama El Efna only cost me MAD15 because I insisted […]

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Sphinx Guest House - Hotel Room with A View of the Pyramids / Giza, Egypt.

Sphinx Guest House – Room with a view of the Pyramids

At Sphinx Guest House, stay for a room with a view of the Pyramids but not for its amenities. The panoramic view from the rooftop of this two-star hotel won’t disappoint you. Location:  The name speaks for itself: it is right in front of the famed Sphinx, guardian of the Pyramids. This is the best […]

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International Travelers House - Adventure Hostel in San diego

My Adventure at the International Travelers House in San Diego

I almost fainted as soon as I stepped inside the International Travelers House in San Diego. Few feet before I reached the reception, a shirtless, blonde hunk was mopping the floor, his toned muscles were flexing like they were teasing a stranger—and those smooth muscles already got me at hello. LOL… When he turned around, […]

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San Francisco Downtown Gay Friendly Hostel Review

Where Fun and Hospitality Reside – San Francisco Downtown Hostel

In the City of Hills, I know a place where fun and hospitality reside—at the San Francisco (SF) Downtown Hostel. After one missed flight, a connecting flight that brought the inner Usain Bolt in me (running from Terminal 1 to Terminal 7 at LAX), a lost luggage and a mixed-up of accommodation booking, I was […]

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