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Madrid Pride Parade 2016 - Madrid Orgullo 2016 Manifestacion

Madrid Pride Parade 2016 – Madrid Orgullo Manifestacion

Yesterday, Madrid Pride Parade 2016 – Madrid Orgullo Manifestacion happened – and it never failed to amaze me to the highest level. All the things my friends (who have been here before) told me about the celebration were true. Madrid, I declare, is the proudest city in the world! The diversity of people attending is […]

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Carrera de Tacones 2016 Madrid Orgullo (MADO)

MADO 2016 – Carrera de Tacones

Carrera de Tacones 2016 or Heels Race is an annual tradition on Pelayo Street as part of the festivities for Madrid Orgullo (MADO). Literally, it’s a race that men on high heels compete for 600 Euros grand prize. It’s fun to watch these “ladies” run like they’re going to break a world record and unseat […]

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The Shirtless Boys of World Pride 2014 Toronto

The Shirtless Boys of World Pride

I didn’t intend to write a separate blog entry of these shirtless boys of World Pride in Toronto until the Pride Parade was almost over. It was 6 hours long — and shirtless, sexy boys are all over (me) and they’re the ones that made the crowd (especially girls and gays) screamed to the top […]

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Pop Goes Pride with Carly Rae Jepsen World Pride Toronto 2014

Pop Goes Pride with Carly Rae Jepsen

MTV Canada brought Pop Goes Pride with Carly Rae Jepsen, Dragonette and Fefe Dobson. These three LGBT allies owned the stage like everyday is World Pride—and they certainly made the glorious event a night to remember. Enjoy these photos like you were there in body and soul. Read: World Pride Toronto 2014 Sofonda Cox opened […]

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Underwear Show at California Cafe for World Pride

Drooling at the Underwear Show

Cafe California’s annual Pride tradition of showing off sexy underwears and spilling out muscled flesh onto Church Street never failed to get someone a boner. No, it wasn’t me. I overheard it from the guy standing behind me who told his two friends that they laughed hard and looked down at his crotch. LOL…┬áMe? I […]

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2010 Canal Pride Parade in Amsterdam

Rain or shine, the show must go on. Especially if it involves a parade in the river—to show the colours of pride. Especially if its a huge tourist attraction that displays hot, saucy, raunchy, bootylicious bods of men and women (mostly men) in their oh-so delicious tans and six-pack abs. Especially if it happens in […]

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