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Moulin Rouge is Still Spinning It's Windmill (Paris, France).

Moulin Rouge is Still Spinning It’s Windmill

Moulin Rouge needs no introduction. Especially, if you’ve seen the award winning movie of the same name, starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor. I’ve seen it three times because I used it in my class back then. The movie fascinated me, partly because my favourite colour is red. LOL 😀 Ok, well, because I’m an Ewan […]

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The Pyramid at Louvre Museum are Photogenic at Night (Paris, France).

The Pyramids at Louvre Museum are Photogenic at Night

The Pyramids at Louvre Museum are Photogenic at Night – so forget about Monalisa. 😀 There are only few people visiting the famed museum in Paris at night and you can get all the selfies you want. Seeing Monalisa? Ha! Good luck getting a good view and a selfie with her. 😀 The Louvre Pyramid […]

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Travel Quote Paris is always a good idea.

Photos – The Magnificent Eiffel Tower

There’s no doubt that the magnificent Eiffel Tower is France’s most photographed and most visited attraction. You’ve never been to Paris if you’ve never seen or visited the Eiffel Tower. And when you’re in font of the towering structure, what would you do? Strike a pose. Take a selfie. Ask a stranger to take a […]

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15 Photos of Annecy - A Charming Little Town in France

15 Photos of Annecy – A Charming Little Town in France

Here are 15 photos of Annecy, a charming little town in France, near the border with Switzerland. These photos only show the side of the town along the canal. Don’t call it the “Little Venice of France” because it’s farther from the truth – few tourists. I think, one of the things to do here […]

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Pont des Amours - Be Careful Who You Kiss On This Lover's Bridge (Annecy, France).

Pont des Amours – Be Careful Who You Kiss On This Lover’s Bridge

Pont des Amours or Lover’s Bridge is an iron bridge at the threshold of Lac de Annecy. From the look of it, this is just an ordinary bridge in a charming town in France, called Annecy. The first bridge was made of wood and it was built to give people a good view of the […]

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Road to Santiago

Spain: The Road To Santiago

If you have read Paulo Coelho’s best-selling novel, THE ALCHEMIST, translated into many languages worldwide, then, you know where Camino de Santiago is. Our guest photographer in this entry walked to Camino de Santiago (Road to Santiago) for 3 weeks, hiking across wheat fields. This is what she has to say about the experience: For […]

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2010 Shanghai World Expo: Europe 1

I know I should have posted this days ago but I want Europe Pavilions to be the last photos I’d be posting. The continent has so many countries participating at the Expo so I’d only put 14 countries where I have friends in there.

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Chocolate Wonderland in Beijing

I have sweet tooth. Thus, I love chocolates. Anything sweet, actually. Creamy or milky, give ’em to me and I’ll never ever say NO. Last week, I went to the CHOCOLATE WONDERLAND at the north side of the Bird’s Nest or National Stadium. Of course, there was a display of chocolates around the world from […]

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