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Mandi Dish / Food in Saudi Arabia.

The Glorious Taste of Mandi Dish

The first time I had mandi dish was in Jordan, back in December 2014. I was impressed–not only because it had a heavenly taste but also the way it was cooked, few feet underground, covered in desert sand or clay. When our group was called to gather around a fire pit, we had no inkling […]

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The one food you should eat when you are in San Diego

The One Food You Should Eat When You Are in San Diego

There’s one food you should eat when you are in San Diego—and that’s FISH TACOS. On my last night in the city, a friend (Thank you, Anatole!) drove me and three new acquaintances I met at a hostel to a place which Yelp reviewers are raving about: Oscar’s Mexican Seafood at North Pacific Beach. I […]

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Cuban cuisine Mixed grilled seafood

Cuban Cuisine – All the dishes I ate in Cuba

My first taste of Cuban cuisine was offered by my fabulous Cuban landlords. I don’t really remember what it was but I do remember the red rice with black beans, otherwise known as “Moros y Cristianos”. In English, that’s literally translated as Muslims and Christians. Weird name for food, eh? I’m not really an expert […]

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Get a taste of Jordanian Cuisine

The Simplicity of Jordanian Cuisine

I’m not a foodie nor a chef but I do eat what looks good in picture. If there’s no picture of the dish, I’d ask for the wait staff to tell me about the food that caught my fancy from the menu. The simplicity of Jordanian cuisine may not be well-known around the world but […]

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Taste of Little Italy

Taste of Little Italy College Street Toronto I guess, this pretty sums up the event dubbed as “Taste of Little Italy” last weekend at College Street where Italian thoroughfares (read: food) were abundant in every nooks and carts. A friend and I went there for their gelato–nothing more, nothing less–for such a hot weather. We strolled down the street and stopped by for some music […]

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Turkish Festival

The diversity of Toronto is reflected on the numerous festivals that abound the city almost every weekend in the summer. Its like almost every country has its own little or big festivals going on in every corner where most citizens of that country live in a familiar neighborhood back home. Last weekend, two food festivals […]

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Chocolate Wonderland in Beijing

I have sweet tooth. Thus, I love chocolates. Anything sweet, actually. Creamy or milky, give ’em to me and I’ll never ever say NO. Last week, I went to the CHOCOLATE WONDERLAND at the north side of the Bird’s Nest or National Stadium. Of course, there was a display of chocolates around the world from […]

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