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The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli at Uffizi Gallery Museum in Florence (Italy).

Photos: The Incredible Frescoes at Uffizi Gallery Ceilings

If there’s one gallery museum you must see in Florence, it should be Uffizi. It’s one of the best I’ve visited in Italy and the number of original masterpieces present here are unbelievably astonishing! The incredible frescoes at Uffizi Gallery ceilings are truly a feast of colours and visuals. You’re gonna need a neck massage […]

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Gipsoteca Bartolini Hall at Accademia Gallery in Florence (Italy).

Unfinished Statues of Michelangelo and Other Masterpieces at the Academia in Florence

At the Accademia in Florence, visitors will see the unfinished statues of Michelangelo at the Hall of Prisoners. You don’t even have to go around and find it. Just as soon as you pay the entrance fee and go past security, you’ll see those four unfinished statues by the master sculptor. Don’t focus on going […]

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Ponte Vecchio - Hitler Liked the View of Florence From Here (Italy).

Ponte Vecchio – Hitler Liked the View of Florence From Here

When Hitler visited Florence in 1938, Mussolini planned to bring the Fuhrer at Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge). And guess what, he liked the view of Florence from here. During World War II, Ponte Vecchio was the only bridge in Florence that the Germans didn’t destroy. Instead of demolishing it, they destroyed the medieval buildings on […]

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Italy The Amazing Statues Outside Palazzo Vecchio in Florence (The Rape of Polyxena by Pio Fedi).

The Amazing Statues Outside Palazzo Vecchio in Florence

There is art everywhere you go in Florence. Even their bridges have tiny statues you might not notice from the Middle Ages. Their narrow, cobble-stoned streets will never fail to surprise you. There’s always something interesting, ancient and historical in the city’s nooks and corners. The amazing statues outside Palazzo Vecchio in Florence are no […]

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Michelangelo's Gorgeous Statue of David (at Accademia Gallery Museum in Florence, Italy).

Piece by Piece – Michelangelo’s Gorgeous Statue of David

Before you scroll down, let me tell you – this is a piece by piece shots of Michelangelo’s gorgeous statue of David. At Accademia Gallery in Florence, you’ll find the tantalizing work of art that no human can resist admiring. From his curly hair to his muscular abs and down to his big feet, David […]

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Door Florence Cathedral Italy

Inside Florence Duomo Isn’t as Grand as Its Facade

Inside Florence Duomo isn’t as grand as its facade. I was a bit disappointed. The cathedral is almost bare inside. Unlike other cathedrals, this one doesn’t allow visitors to sit on one of the few pews inside. Its Gothic design inside gives a vast impression of the cathedral that also gives birth to the Renaissance […]

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The Gates of Paradise at Florence Baptistry (Italy).

The Gates of Paradise at Florence Baptistry

The Gates of Paradise at Florence Baptistry are closed to the public, but, perhaps, open to the men of God. Sadly I’m not one of the righteous ones. 😀 The baptistry is an octagonal monument with three doors lavishly ornamented with religious themes. These doors are perfect examples of Florentine Renaissance. The East Door. This […]

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City Skyline: The Spectacular View of Florence From Tower de Arnolfo (Italy).

City Skyline: The Spectacular View of Florence From Torre de Arnolfo

Florence is the cradle of the Renaissance. The city, wherever you go, is full of incredible art from the middle ages. You’ll find works of Dante, Michelangelo, Giotto, Boticelli and other Italian masters in one city. Stunning frescoes? Check. Incredible sculptures? Check. Amazing architecture? Check. Great literature? Check. My dilemma was: Where do I start? […]

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Doumo Florence cathedral Italy

The Stunning Facade of Florence Duomo

The stunning facade of Florence Duomo is one of its kind. It’s a great example of the Renaissance style which was born in Florence, Italy. Duomo, as the locals call it, has a longer name: Catedral Santa Maria del Fiore. In English, it is translated as, “Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flowers.” For lazy […]

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The Dashing and Fashionable Men of Florence (italy).

The Dashing and Fashionable Men of Florence

This is my first post in Florence – and it’s all about boys. Or men – the fashionable men of Florence. I was walking on my way to SM Novella Train Station this afternoon when I noticed these men in the middle of the street, A photographer was busy directing them to pose this and […]

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