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View of Paris From the Top of Eiffel Tower (France).

I Climbed the Eiffel Tower in Paris and These are the Views From Up There

I climbed the Eiffel Tower in Paris and these are the views from up there! Okay, I didn’t literally climbed the iron-wrought stairs because my companion hated the idea. But, we negotiated and agreed that we’re going down on foot. Money-Saving Tip in Paris What can I say about Paris? It’s anyone’s dream destination – […]

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The Eiffel Tower at Night - Is it Really Romantic? (Paris, France)

The Eiffel Tower at Night – Is it Really Romantic?

Is the Eiffel Tower at night really romantic? Hmmm, that’s a million kisses question I’d attempt to answer. The answer is both yes and no. But then, I’m single and I travel solo, so, you may not take my word for this. And also because I have different views about romance. LOL… 😀 The Eiffel […]

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Travel Quote Paris is always a good idea.

Photos – The Magnificent Eiffel Tower

There’s no doubt that the magnificent Eiffel Tower is France’s most photographed and most visited attraction. You’ve never been to Paris if you’ve never seen or visited the Eiffel Tower. And when you’re in font of the towering structure, what would you do? Strike a pose. Take a selfie. Ask a stranger to take a […]

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