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Portraits of Cuban Taxi Driver in Cienfuegos.

Portrait of a Cuban Taxi Driver

Here’s a street portrait of of a Cuban taxi driver I met while backpacking in Cienfuegos. On my second and last day in the town, I hired him to go around because I wanna see more of the French art deco buildings which can be found everywhere around this small Cuban town. Among the many taxi […]

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How Americans Can Go To Cuba

A few days ago, a friend of mine asked me if Americans can now go to Cuba. Well, unfortunately, the answer is NOT YET. That’s as far as I know. Though Cuba and USA have already raised their flags in each other’s country, it might take time for Americans to go there. Yes, the relationship between […]

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Varadero Beach in Cuba.

Varadero Beach

Varadero Beach in Cuba is well-known as a tropical destination for Canadians during the freezing month in the Great White North. People who usually go here for the sun, sand and sea are those who are in all-inclusive vacation packages, staying in 3 to 5 star hotels which abound the beach side but far from […]

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Murals of Propaganda in Cuba.

Murals of Propaganda in Cuba

I took a lot of photos of murals of propaganda in Cuba during my 16-day backpacking trip last year. However, I had to delete a lot of them, too, because I forgot to bring an extra memory card for my camera—and I didn’t bring my laptop because I know that internet connection there would be […]

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This Church Altar in Remedios is Made of Gold / San Juan Bautista de los Remedios / Cuba.

This Church Altar in Remedios is Made of Gold

Cuba, unlike any other Spanish-speaking countries, is not staunch Catholic. And that’s according to my Cuban landlords. Though Catholic churches are everywhere in the country, it doesn’t mean Cubans are devout Catholics. Well, these churches aren’t totally empty; there are few who pray on the pews. Remedios is a dusty, colonial town in Cuba’s Villa […]

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Things to do in Cuba: Explore the streets of Havana.

Things to do in Cuba

Now that Cuba and the United States are fixing their long-time political brouhaha, it won’t be long that American visitors will be flooding to the Caribbean’s largest nation soon. And when hordes of them are going there, you know what that means to the people of Cuba, to the country and  to the tourism industry. […]

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Libreria la Escalera Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba – things to do, see, scams and annoyances

My fabulous, Cuban landlords had warned me not to go to Santiago de Cuba — and I should have listened. Well, I actually did. I scrapped it off my list of places to visit before flying to Havana. Instead of going to Santiago, I changed my itinerary to Vinales. However, as I started my way […]

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The Creoles of Santiago de Cuba

The Creoles of Santiago de Cuba

Tired from my own walking tour in Santiago de Cuba, I sat down on a bench at Plaza de Dolores. Out of nowhere, these Creoles showed up, sat on the opposite bench and got ready to play their music. However, they seemed restless. Their eyes were wandering around for a sight of police officers. In […]

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Visiting Che Guevarra in Santa Clara Cuba

Visiting Che Guevarra in Santa Clara

If you love history and all things that are associated with Che Guevarra, Santa Clara is the place to be. The famous guerrilla is immortalized everywhere around the city. It’s like the city is a memorial to Che. You see him in propaganda billboards, murals and souvenirs. Visiting Che Guevarra in Santa Clara is good […]

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Cuban cuisine Mixed grilled seafood

Cuban Cuisine – All the dishes I ate in Cuba

My first taste of Cuban cuisine was offered by my fabulous Cuban landlords. I don’t really remember what it was but I do remember the red rice with black beans, otherwise known as “Moros y Cristianos”. In English, that’s literally translated as Muslims and Christians. Weird name for food, eh? I’m not really an expert […]

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