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Ladies of Caribana 2

The colours of Caribana continues. Glamorous? Nah. Shes the most fabulous and most beautiful dancer in the parade! Dont argue with me. Shes a beauty to behold. Shes my second most beautiful dancer!  Red is definitely her colour! Flirty red.  Even angels have their bad hair days! I wanna be like her. Voluptous! Its show […]

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Ladies of Caribana 1

Caribana Festival is an annual festival in Toronto to celebrate the vibrant culture, music, dance and people of countries in the Caribbean. Its a massive celebration which ends today with the most disorganized parade I’ve ever seen from 10:00 – 6:00 p.m. Imagine a parade that lasts for 8 hours! Beat that. The parade is […]

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Pride Parade: The Political Side

I think these photos will explain itself every issue raised in the Pride Parade. Gone are the days when gays are only known for it’s artistic talents. Though it still holds until now, but, it’s a pleasure for people to know that we just don’t care about our LGBT community but we also care the […]

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