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2015 Times Square New Year Countdown in New York / 7th Avenue and 51st

Times Square New Year Countdown

One of the things to do before you die is to see, feel and experience the excitement of celebrating New Year at Times Square in New York. Whether you agree it or not, to be among the crowd is a test of endurance, patience and immunity to the cold temperature. I’m not talking about waiting […]

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Christmas on Wall Street , New York.

Christmas on Wall Street

Wall Street is America’s symbol of financial power. But, despite the fact that money is god here, the people of Wall Street aren’t totally heartless, afterall. They managed to put up a giant Christmas tree, perhaps, to remind their bosses that it’s bonus season. 😉 Here’s the proof that there’s a bit of Christmas on […]

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Dyker Heights Christmas Lights in Brooklyn.

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights in Brooklyn

Forget about the overrated Rockefeller Center. They might have the tallest Christmas in New York but it lacks creativity. Go and visit the Dyker Heights neighbourhood in Brooklyn and you’ll be amazed at how the owners decorate their houses for the festive season. It’s not just the Christmas lights that will dazzle you but also […]

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Christmas in New York.

Christmas in New York

What it’s like to spend Christmas in New York? That’s one question I had in mind before finally deciding to spend my three weeks holidays. Well, it was actually an easy decision to do, to choose New York, instead of the sand, sun and sea in the Caribbean. I can’t afford to go in the […]

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Naked Santa Speedo Run 2013 Toronto

Toronto Naked Santas in Speedos Brave Blizzard

Ok, they are not totally naked but almost. Adorned with a red hat, a flimsy, red speedo, antlers and some shiny beads, Toronto’s naked Santas brave blizzard, running around a 3-km block in Yorkville Village. They ignore the freezing temperature—in the name of charity. Since 2005, they run to raise money for Sick Kids Hospital–and up […]

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Santa Speedo Run 2010

What is Santa Speedo Run? CLICK HERE.  

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Santa Parade 2010 in Toronto

Santa Parade in Toronto is a family affair. It’s dominated by children all over the place—waiting for the great old man with a long white beard in a red suit. Not to mention that super ugly, red, coned-shaped hat. LOL…

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Part 1: Santa Parade 2010—The Floats

Toronto successfully had its annual Santa Parade last Sunday with more than 1500 people in costume and 25 floats. Despite the cold weather, children, young, adults and old came to see Santa and his reindeers. Children were in hunt of Santa marshalls so they could them their letters / wishes which they wrote for Santa. […]

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Christmas in Beijing

On Christmas night, the debauchery continues. We started the evening in VERY THAI Restaurant for dinner and stayed there for three hours. Good food, great conversations, mostly centered about the “Essence of Being Korean” which actually was an interesting learning about the country and its culture. We were literally being educated. When everybody was ready […]

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Christmas Debauchery Part 1

My neighbor had a cocktail partay on the Eve of Christmas.  Right after I strolled Wangfujing Street (read previous entry), I went to dinner with “someone”, and kissed goodbye to each other after a hearty meal. It was a bit emotional but duh, I’m jaded at the moment. That cheesy, sentimental song is right: some […]

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