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Chinese English

Chinglish 101

Last weekend, I finally found some of my Chinglish photo collections—after 3 years of looking for them! Yeah, that long. I’ve tried to search them in my 1tetra gigabyte time capsule but to no avail. I had to open ALL the photos I had taken in China (that’s 8 years of living there!) which took […]

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Here's How Shopping in China Looks Like

Here’s What Shopping in China Looks Like

I found this sign at the Silk Market in Beijing while shopping for some stuff that are fake (Yes, I used to buy them). It’s a huge market, a shopping paradise, for those who have a knack for knock-offs. The words in this sign board might be rude but only few salespersons are actually using […]

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Chinglish: Pignut

Last night, I was blown away by this sugar-coated PEANUT. 🙂

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