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New York's Central Park in Snow.

25 Photos of Central Park in Snow

Before I left New York, I had the chance to visit its Central Park one early morning on snowy day. I intended to really go early (Is 8 a.m. early to you?) because the weather forecast that day said it’s gonna be snowing only from 6-10. When I arrived there, I went straight right away […]

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Autumn In New York Central Park Fall Colours

Autumn in New York

The title of this blog entry, Autumn in New York has nothing to do with the movie starred by Winona Ryder and Richard Gere having a May-December love affair. No, I’ve never seen them in person. But, I remember, I cried while watching that movie. And I remember how beautiful, stunning and colourful Central Park […]

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Central Park in New York

Central Park is New York City’s oasis during summer heat. It is a massive 843 acres of lush green in the center of the world’s best city. The park is a favorite location to some unforgettable Hollywood movies, like , , , , and the most famous of all,  A lot people use the green […]

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