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These murals on the pillars of Gardiner Expressway is a brilliant idea of turning urban spaces into creative pursuits. / Underpass Park in Toronto.

The Underpass Park in Toronto

I finally able to visit the the Underpass Park in Toronto yesterday. I’ve read and heard about this before but was not really interested until a friend who had been there last weekend told me about it, like it’s the coolest thing in this city. There was a little party going on when he was […]

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Nick Jonas Arrived in Style at MMVA 2015 red carpet in Toronto.

Nick Jonas Arrived in Style at MMVA 2015

Nick Jonas arrived in style at MMVA 2015 red carpet in Toronto yesterday, driving an open, red classic cadillac. He’s sure hot as a fire in hell. Boy, I was the only one who recognized him while he was ushered by security guards. There were around 50 people or so standing at the corner of […]

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Ottawa Jail Hostel.


Last weekend, I was booked in a jail in Ottawa. I committed no crime but I was locked up for two nights—without bail. It’s an odd thing, right? I was handed out a key to my cell, some white bed sheets and fresh towel. No burly, intimidating police or guards led me up to my […]

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Tulip Festival in Ottawa - Gatineau is on May 8-18, 2015.

The Tulip Festival in Ottawa is a Dazzling Show of Colours

The Tulip Festival in Ottawa is a dazzling show of colours, a feast to the eyes. When Tulips are in bloom, you can’t go back to winter anymore. In fact, when I was in Ottawa last weekend, it felt like summer already. Yes, there are many people out there but will that deter you from […]

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Frozen Niagara Falls Cascades Rainbow at Night.

Frozen Niagara Falls Cascades Rainbow at Night

You have seen viral photos of frozen Niagara Falls at daylight but few at night time. Ok, maybe, you’ve seen the night photos of one of the world’s most iconic waterfalls, but they’re during summer night time. Have you seen the frozen Niagara Falls at night time? It’s not just really romantic (it’s cold, so hugging/smooching […]

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Ice Hotel / Hotel de Glace in Quebec City.

What’s Inside the Ice Hotel in Quebec City

One thing that’s in my bucket list is: sleep in the Ice Hotel. I’ve been to two Ice Hotels already: one was in Montreal in 2013 and the other was in Quebec last weekend. I can’t afford to stay in there yet. As a poor backpacker and a solo traveler,  I’ll skip that for now. […]

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Montmorency Falls is frozen in Quebec City.

Watch: Montmorency Falls is frozen

Montmorency Falls is frozen. Yes, there’s another Canadian falls that’s equally gorgeous as Niagara Falls when frozen. Go to Quebec City and find it out yourself and you’ll be amazed at its sheer magnificence and beauty that you’d be telling all over and over again to your friends. And the best part of visiting it—you […]

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Montmorency Falls is frozen in Quebec City.

The Frozen Beauty of Montmorency Falls

The frozen beauty of Montmorency Falls in Quebec City will never fail to delight your naked eye. In winter, when the city is literally enveloped in inches of snow and in sub zero Celsius, Montmorency Falls, which is higher than the world-famous Niagara Falls, shows its beauty that you would never forget. Believe it or […]

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Quebec Winter Carnaval Parade 2015.

Quebec Winter Carnaval Parade

A parade in freezing temperature? And at night? That’s even colder! Oui! Only in Quebec City, the self-proclaimed “Winter Capital of the World.” And guess what? People really went out, watched the parade and braved the biting wind and freezing cold. Since I was staying at HI Quebec – Auberge Internationale de Hostel, the parade […]

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Ice Castle and Ice Sculptures in Quebec City for 2015 Winter Carnaval.

Ice Castle and Ice Sculptures

Last weekend, I went to Quebec City for the last weekend of its annual Winter Carnaval. I’m glad I did–despite the freezing winter that almost made my cheeks as hard as a stone. I’ve never experienced such coldness before and I don’t think I’d be going back to Quebec City during winter—in 5 years! Or […]

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