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Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco Skyline Panorama

Where to see San Francisco Skyline

I am fond of seeing the panorama or skyline of every city I’ve visited. Seeing San Francisco skyline in many different angles, is magical. It’s like getting to know the city from afar in many hills that made up the city, home to the world’s richest IT start-ups. So, where do you go to see […]

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Alcatraz Island San Francisco California

Alcatraz Island is Home to the Notorious Criminals

Alcatraz Island in San Francisco (California) is home to the notorious criminals in the past. These are criminals who were wanted by the country’s police system for breaking the law not one but more. They’re known to be feared and had a reputation that could equal that of Hollywood A-listers today. As you can see, […]

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The houses in Castro Street in San Francisco.

A Gay Village Called Castro

Castro, a gay village, in ┬áis the birthplace of America’s gay civil rights movement. It’s synonymous to , one of the pioneers of the gay rights movement that is still alive until today. Last summer, I had the chance to explore the stretch of the gay village from the Castro subway stop all the way […]

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Olympus : The Owl from Harry Potterv

The Owl from Harry Potter

Olympus is an owl from . One of the owls, actually. She is a eurasian eagle owl that delights the audience at the Animal Actors stage inside Universal Studio in Los Angeles, California. Be sure to catch the Animal Actors show when you tour Universal Studios. They’ve got dogs, rats, pigs, owls, birds, cats, etc. […]

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Things to do in Santa Monica Beach

Things to do in Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier is alive with rides and other things your children would enjoy. For adults, the beach is always the choice. It’s crowded on hot days and therefore you shall not expect privacy. LOL… Competing with the beach crowd are cars looking for spaces to park conveniently. From the top, I find it ugly […]

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Skateboarders in Venice Beach

The Brave, the Bold, the Beautiful and the Weird at Venice Beach

Venice Beach is everything. There’s the bold, the strong, the beautiful, the weird, the hip and the artist. It is a place that shows all we think of America—without the republicans! The Bold. They’re young but already bold to scale up and down the skateboarding pit. One false move could lead them to injury. The […]

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The Murals in Mission District, San Francisco, California

The Murals in Mission District

The murals in Mission District in San Francisco are one of the things you shouldn’t miss to explore when you’re visiting the city. These murals are larger than life and many of them are labors of love from the artist to the community. Their subjects are mixed–politics, religion, heroism, teenage angst, life as immigrants and […]

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International Travelers House - Adventure Hostel in San diego

My Adventure at the International Travelers House in San Diego

I almost fainted as soon as I stepped inside the International Travelers House in San Diego. Few feet before I reached the reception, a shirtless, blonde hunk was mopping the floor, his toned muscles were flexing like they were teasing a stranger—and those smooth muscles already got me at hello. LOL… When he turned around, […]

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