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Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

Making the Most of Your Trip to California

A cruise around the Golden State, whether you decide to opt for its sunny beaches, celeb-filled LA, or its more rural areas out in nature, will undoubtedly be a trip that you remember for the rest of your life. There are plenty of activities and local attractions to occupy your time with; you’ll find that […]

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5 Reasons Why Should Check Out Dolores Park in San Francisco.

5 Reasons Why Should Check Out Dolores Park

In Spanish, Dolores means “sorrow.” But, at Dolores Park in San Francisco, sorrow is nowhere in sight. Not even a shadow of it. In fact, this public park brings joy to both visitors and locals. If there’s one public park in San Francisco you shouldn’t skip visiting, walk no further–Dolores Park must be in your […]

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Language of the Birds art installation in San Francisco.

Language of the Birds

After visiting the City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco, I walked a bit up and found this interesting outdoor art installation called, “Language of the Birds.” It is a flock of twenty three sculpted, open books that look like flying birds at a distance. I actually thought like they were electrocuted pigeons. 🙂 Standing below those (book) […]

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Hard Rock Cafe at Universal Studios in Los Angeles.

What to do and see at Universal Studios in LA

There are so many things to do and see at Universal Studios in Los Angeles. So, it’s better that you start early—especially when you have kids in tow. One day wasn’t even enough for someone like me who traveled solo. Maybe it was just me who took time to everything I saw or the fact […]

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The surfers in La Jolla, San Diego, California.

The Surfers in La Jolla

After I finished my own communing with the sea, I continued walking further along the cliffs of La Jolla. A van parked on the roadside where a group of friends got out in a hurry, unloading their duffel bags and their surf boards. They ran into the shore, dropped their bags and onto the Pacific […]

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La Jolla Beach, San Diego, California

La Jolla Beach

I was walking down the La Jolla Beach when I spotted this woman doing her yoga in the sand, with only the sound of the waves can be heard. It was a peaceful setting that I decided to sit down on the grasses in my own yoga position. But, of course, I took these photos […]

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Beverly Hills Sign Tour Los Angeles

Beverly Hills is Home to the Hollywood Stars

“Beverly Hills is home to the Hollywood stars! This is where they live in excess!”, announced our Beverly Hills tour guide in a voice of excitement. He couldn’t be more wrong. Beverly Hills is excessive—and it is a lonely place to be. The streets are clean, the bushes are tall and well-manicured. It’s super quiet […]

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Hollywood Bus Tour Ron Howard House

Hollywood Bus Tour

My advise for those who want to take in too much of Hollywood in one day is: take the Hollywood Bus Tour. Taking the bus is a great option, unless if you planned to stay there for a few more days. There are still many things to see beyond Hollywood Boulevard where most tourists flock. […]

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Tour at Universal Studios War of the World

The Universal Studio Tour

If there’s one thing you must do when visiting Los Angeles, take the Universal Studio Tour. We all go to Hollywood land for the movies, right? Go straight to the Universal Studios and do the Studio Tour FIRST. Go early to avoid the crowd and get on the tram for their first Universal Studio Tour […]

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Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco Skyline Panorama

Where to see San Francisco Skyline

I am fond of seeing the panorama or skyline of every city I’ve visited. Seeing San Francisco skyline in many different angles, is magical. It’s like getting to know the city from afar in many hills that made up the city, home to the world’s richest IT start-ups. So, where do you go to see […]

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