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Egyptian Museum in Cairo is also known as the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities.

A Look Inside the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

For history fans, getting inside the Egyptian Museum in Cairo is a dream come true. It is filled with intriguing and interesting collections that would blow your mind away. The artifacts aren’t just there to give us a glimpse of the ancient Egyptian civilization, but they’re there to remind us of the vast wealth of Pharaohs […]

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View of the Pyramids from The Citadel in Cairo.

View of the Pyramids from The Citadel in Cairo

Do you know that you can see Egypt’s Great Pyramids from The Citadel in Cairo? Except for those who have been there, not many people know that the Great Pyramids of Egypt are actually just outside Cairo. It’s in a town called Giza and very accessible to public transport, too. Before going there, I had […]

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Cairo Graffiti (around Tahrir Square)

Cairo Graffiti – Windows to a Troubled Egypt

On January 2011, Egyptians from all walk of life gathered at Tahrir Square in Cairo to protest the country’s declining state. Poverty, government corruption and unemployment were (and still is) rampant. These drove citizens to protest against the rule of Hosni Mubarak who governed the country for three decades. Going around Tahrir Square nowadays, one […]

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Scams and Annoyances in Egypt

Scams and Annoyances in Egypt

Wherever I travel, scammers, touts and annoyances are unavoidable, especially in touristy areas. Or maybe, I’m a tout/scammer magnet. 😀 They are part of the challenges of travelling. And believe it or not, I’ve fallen victim to some of these people because I’m too trusty, always believing on the positive side of the experience. Call me […]

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Egyptian Night Cairo Hostel / Egypt.

Hostel Review – Egyptian Night Cairo Hostel

There is no doubt that Egyptian Night Cairo Hostel has the best location in the city if you want to stay downtown. My stay here was very comfortable and I can’t wait to be back here sometime in the future. Hostel Review – Egyptian Night Cairo Hostel BOOK EGYPTIAN NIGHT HOSTEL IN CAIRO HERE Location […]

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Photos of People Climbing the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

Photos of People Climbing the Great Pyramids of Giza

Before going to Egypt, I really thought that climbing the Pyramids is a big No-No thing to do because they’re ancient, fragile and they have to be protected at all cost. Boy, I was so wrong! Apparently you can climb the Pyramid as high as you can—that is if you can find your way to […]

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How To Explore The Pyramids of Egypt On Foot.

How To Explore The Pyramids of Egypt On Foot

Though Egypt’s tourism has experienced a big slump in the past years, the Pyramids of Giza has no shortage of visitors everyday. There are more local tourists going in (mostly students on one-day excursions), and only few are foreign travelers going around and about the pyramids—on foot. Most foreign tourists come in the comfort of […]

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Sphinx Guest House - Hotel Room with A View of the Pyramids / Giza, Egypt.

Sphinx Guest House – Room with a view of the Pyramids

At Sphinx Guest House, stay for a room with a view of the Pyramids but not for its amenities. The panoramic view from the rooftop of this two-star hotel won’t disappoint you. Location: The name speaks for itself: it is right in front of the famed Sphinx, guardian of the Pyramids. This is the best location […]

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Sunset at the Pyramids of Egypt.

Sunset at the Pyramids of Egypt

After a delayed flight, I finally landed in chaotic Cairo at 3 in the afternoon. From there, someone helped me to get a visa on arrival and whisked me off to the guest house right in front of The Great Pyramids. It took us almost an hour drive from Cairo International Airport to Giza. The […]

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Egypt Jordan Desert

View from the top – Cairo to Amman

The trip from Toronto to Cairo via EgyptAir was 10 hours. I actually didn’t mind the long haul as we were comfortably seated in Business/Executive Class, my very first experience to be treated like an Egyptian Queen. Sorry, Cleopatra, you’re so dead now! LOL…. When we arrived at Cairo International Airport, it reeked of cigarette. […]

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