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Feel Good Travel - The Great Wall of China.

Vote for my Feel Good Travel Photo Entry

My Feel Good Travel Photo entry made it as one of the finalists in the photo contest sponsored by On The Go Travels. Help me win a 10-Day Trip to Turkey if ever I got the top prize in my category. Would appreciate your votes—and if possible, share it to your friends, families, relatives and […]

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Ghost Street in Beijing

Ghost Street in Beijing

One of the places frequented by expats is the Gui Jie or the Ghost Street in Beijing. Don’t be fooled by its name—ghosts are nowhere in sight. At least, to my knowledge. Right off Dongzhimen Subway Station or at Beixinqiao Subway (closer) is Gui Jie, a street teeming with restaurants in traditional Chinese architecture. My […]

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Traditional Chinese Wedding

A Traditional Chinese Wedding

This is a repost from my old livejournal blog which I abandoned long time ago.  An Aussie friend and his lovely Chinese girlfriend got married in a traditional Chinese wedding at Beihai Park, one snowy day. Beihai Park, in Beijing, is the park where the Mongolian hero-fighter Genghis Khan built the famous White Pagoda on the hill […]

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Great Wall in Winter Huanghuacheng China

The Great Wall in Winter

We all have seen what the Great Wall looks like when the weather is nice, especially in summer. But, I’m sure only few of US have conquered this world wonder when it’s covered in snow. The Great Wall in winter in slippery; thus, dangerous to trek. Even if you try, you won’t go that far. […]

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Here's How Shopping in China Looks Like

Here’s What Shopping in China Looks Like

I found this sign at the Silk Market in Beijing while shopping for some stuff that are fake (Yes, I used to buy them). It’s a huge market, a shopping paradise, for those who have a knack for knock-offs. The words in this sign board might be rude but only few salespersons are actually using […]

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Life in China - Bicycles

Pedicabs in China

Not only are bicycles ubiquitous in China but also pedicabs. They compete the streets with other modes of transport — and can be annoying when they cause and contribute to the traffic during rush hours. Pedicabs have many uses to many people. They are practical to use for every task that involves heavy loads and […]

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This Life in China Series - Napping Outdoors starts with me (pretending) sleeping in one of the benches outside the East gate of the Forbidden City.

Life in China – Napping Outdoors

A powerful nap can make a difference in your day. Ask that to anyone who makes napping outdoors a habit, a routine in their daily lives. When an irresistible nap takes over, a head doesn’t consider a place to rest on–be it on a bench, a fence, a wall, a chair, a rail or a […]

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Beijing Olympic Games The Guy That Holds the Flags of the World

The Guy That Holds The Flags of the World

Exactly five years ago, August 8, 2008 at 8:08 pm, the 2008 Summer Beijing Olympic Games opened in a lavish ceremonies that held our collective breath into admiration of a country that’s becoming an economic powerhouse. I can still recall the craziness of the whole duration (two weeks) of the Olympic Games—from insane, loud sports fan to […]

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